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  1. well, the fukin refs have to make sure the new darlings of the NHL win the Cup. Sid the Kid take a back seat.. the NHL now loves the Kings and will for at least the next 5 years.
  2. i hope the ref who who called that penalty gets mugged on the way home and has his teeth knocked out.
  3. ok boys.. gimme one more. Marty shut em down.. let's bring it back to NJ and win this damn series!!!!!!!!
  4. Got it. Thanks. Yea, we gave up plenty to the Rangers that way.
  5. How does a team ever solve that then?
  6. why do the Devils insist on shooting from the blue line? I just don't get it.
  7. Maybe the Devils are hoping the Kings tire themselves out from shooting the puck too much, and then we go in for the kill? A similar strategy used by Rocky when he fought Mister T.
  8. That's pretty funny. I had no idea. ugggh, another stupid penalty by Salvador.
  9. what I can't understand is we were able to solve the Panthers, Flyers, and Rangers. But we are clueless as to how to defeat this team. We keep doing the same damn thing over and over with no new results. How many times will they shoot near the blueline and hope for a puck to go in? It's rediculous. Crash the f'ing net!
  10. Maybe Lou can fly in Tony Robbins for a pep talk during intermission.
  11. Yes, he's the best goalie I ever saw in my life. I agree with you. Even the great Patrick Roy wouldn't be worthy to polish his skates. BINGO!
  12. I want to see alot of this tonight!! Let's Go Devils, Win it Baby!!
  13. I agree with you on that. Then again, what do you expect from an organization that hasn't won anything in 45 years and is based in one of the country's media hotspots and entertainment cesspools. Not a lot of class to be had there collectively.
  14. It's actually pretty funny. I'm not going to rip into them for having no class. We shout "you suck" to the opposing team whenever the Devils score a goal, so if you can dish it.. you need thick enough skin to take it too.
  15. Devils will win tommorow and the worm will turn. That's my gut feeling anyway
  16. I hear you but that blown call should've pissed them off, got their blood boiling, and made them play with reckless abandon instead of losing their confidence and allowing the Kings to get in their heads for the rest of the game.
  17. If a professional team goes down by 1 goal and can't overcome that. Then they have no one to blame but themselves.
  18. slasher72


    I say suit up Janssen and Boulton and just have them drop the gloves. Maybe not to start the game but at some point during it. What the hell... Might as well go down swinging. Heh..
  19. We had momentum in OT in games 1 and 2 and the Kings still found a way to win. No excuses.
  20. When you whiff on 6 powerplays including a 5 on 3, nobody owes you an apology.
  21. slasher72


    ok.. this doesn't happen often, but I had a dream last night that the Devils won the next game and turned the series around. The last time I had a dream like this was when the Eagles knocked out the Giants a few years ago in the playoffs and that came true.. Again, i'm no Nostradamus but usually when I have these kind of dreams...well, shiit happens
  22. I hear you bro. Sooner or later the team needs to get younger, faster, and stronger. The Kings have mandhandled the Devils for much of this series. I mean, they've beaten up our players pretty well and have been quicker to the puck. As for Marty, he's great and we love everything he's given us.. I mean, you can't complain at all really, but he can't be in net forever. Sooner or later Lou needs to realize we need a young goalie to take over. As for the others, Elias will likely hang them up soon.. he's nearing 40. Ditto with Salvador, Sykora. The team needs a youth movement.
  23. slasher72

    Pick your poison

    I dont want to see them get swept because that would basically mean they didnt put up a fight at all, especially after this 4-0 asss-kicking. If the Kings win, fukk it. But I dont want to see a sweep. That's too demoralizing. We're down but not out yet. If they win on Wednesday, who the hell knows what could happen. If they lose, I will be very disappointed.
  24. Get Dustin Bifuglyn next year if he's available. We need someone with size and a mean streak. Other than him.. anyone else who knows how to put the puck in net would be nice.
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