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  1. Geez, if the Red Wings win it tonight, how many more consecutive Cups will they win before someone knocks them off??
  2. my money is on Lemaire. Lou has had a thing for living in the glory days lately. I think his reasoning will be "Jacques Lemaire brought this organization it's first Stanley Cup and he knows how to implement a successful system that will work. I have full confidence that he can do it again, etc." mark my words, it's gonna happen. as for free-agency, my prediction is that Lou is going to wait it out and grab 1 or 2 role players after all the big-name signings are over (by the Rangers, Avalanche, Flyers)....
  3. hah, i think the server hung when i was adding the comment. I didnt mean it to show up 3 times.
  4. I have to admit, I like Pittsburgh sound man... starts off the first period with some Slayer and plays plenty of old Metallica throughout the game (Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning) I like it.
  5. I have to admit, I like Pittsburgh sound man... starts off the first period with some Slayer and plays plenty of old Metallica throughout the game (Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning) I like it.
  6. I have to admit, I like Pittsburgh sound man... starts off the first period with some Slayer and plays plenty of old Metallica throughout the game (Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning) I like it.
  7. If Lou doesn't give the job to Johnny Mac, maybe he'll decide to coach again himself?
  8. Detroit just keeps rolling... this team has dynasty written all over it and I could honestly see them winning a few more consecutive cups.
  9. I hope the Pens win it in 6, but after watching tonight's game is it possible that this damn Wings team wins it this year and goes for a fourpeat over the next 2 years? I can't stomatch that thought (because they're fans are the biggest trash-talking D Bags) but what team in the East can take them out? I'd love to think we could, but we can't even get out of the first round??
  10. I hope they get can improve the team but I'm pretty much accepting the fact that they may be mediorce for a few years (good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to make it out of the first round). I think as long as you lower your expectations, it's not as bad.. especially when they run into buzz-saws like Carolina in the playoffs. Not trying to be a downer, I just know what this current roster can and cannot do and we're all aware of Lou's frugality amidst free agency. Not to mention, we don't have much cap space to work with. I'd like to see the young guys come up and be given a chance like Corrente, Bergfors, Frazee, etc. but Lou tends to stick with his veterans, so who knows if that'll happen this year. I think we see the same exact roster in '09-'10 with the exception of 1-3 guys (i.e Madden, Gionta, Rupp) who may or may not be around. We'll see...
  11. slasher72

    red wings

    I would say good acquisitions but far from big-time. I think it does come down to outstanding scouting, like the other poster mentioned.
  12. slasher72

    red wings

    this team is unbelievable. how is it that nearly every year they are a Cup contender without any high draft picks or big time free agent acquisitions? Not to mention their veterans like Draper seem to never lose a step.
  13. not advocating $4 mil but whatever the numbers are, I expect Lou to lowball him and lose him to another team. Instead, we'll pay someone like Colin White over 2 mil and retain him to the roster.
  14. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/2..._up_roster.html "I do not think it needs a shakeup," Lamoriello said Thursday after the team's final meeting. "The first thing you do not do is because something didn't go the way it should over a certain period of time is to think that everything is wrong. I believe in this group, this core group. We will take a step back and whatever we think we can do to make this team better we will certainly do our best to do that, but a major shakeup? No." -- I rest my case. As fans, we need to accept the reality that Lou is in love with the same group of players (White, Pandolfo, Gio, Madden, etc. etc.) and won't shake things up. He still believes this roster, as is, has everything it needs to win a Cup. I'd hate to say it, but I think the game has passed Lou by. This reminds me of how George Young was during the latter part of his tenure with the Giants. He was living in their glory days and refused to accept the changes happening in the NFL at that time. He made several bad moves, was overly thrifty with available free agents while overypaying our own mediocre players out of a sense of loyalty, and listened to no one but himself. His stubborn actions caused the Giants to be very mediocre for a good 5-10 years. I can see the same thing happening to the Devils.
  15. slasher72


    Lou will probably make a push for him though because he's an ex-Devil.
  16. As for the team itself, Lamoriello thought it was good enough to win the Stanley Cup this spring. "This team, in my opinion, had all the ingredients in all areas which we lacked a little of last year," he said. -- He said the same thing last year and look where that got us. He's in love with the idea of maintaining the same group of guys and adding 1 or 2 forwards or defensemen on the cheap. It's the same song and dance every year.
  17. He got that much because Lou compensates the players who have won him Cups. But as they get older and start to slide, he doesn't cut them loose in search of more talented replacements who might command top dollar. Instead he winds up overpaying his mediocre older players out of a sense of loyalty and appreciation. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes is doesn't. Since 2003, it hasn't.
  18. agreed. Oduya has to be signed. A nightmare scenario would be Oduya getting a high offer from a team like the Rangers and Lou deciding not to match it. I hope nothing like that happens...
  19. here we go with the forum gestapo...fvck off. They didnt show much heart to me when they sat back and allowed the Canes to take control of the game with less than 2 minutes remaining...up by a goal and losing in the manner in which they did. It was a disgrace.
  20. my grandmother could stop Madden on a break-away.
  21. Players like Bouwmeester and Havlat would require $$$ ... ain't gonna happen. Not when Lou has that money tied up with players like White, Zubrus, and Rolston. Lou is also reserving whatever money he has to players like Madden, Gionta, and Havelid. He's in love with the idea that the show will never end with the same group of players that won him Cups in '95 and '03. Every year it's basically the same group of players and every year we get the same results...great regular season followed by first-round exit. The Devils are a mess. After that putrid game the other night it was evident. This team has alot of class, but no heart when it counts the most. Scott Stevens' retirement took care of that...
  22. "we have more than a couple unrestricted free agents that have been an integral part of this team and we have to do everything we can to keep them if possible" which basically means things will be the same next year, losing in round one with the same group of core players, plus or minus a lousy defenseman he picks up on the cheap right before the deadline.
  23. there's no way Lou will spring for Bouwmeester. I can see him going after Sheldon Souray though or Neidermayer. He seems to have a thing for ex-Devils. If he can't get them, then he'll opt for a lower-tier free agent like Havelid. Mark it down. Face it people, Lou is stuck in a 1995 time warp and he's too stubborn to realize that the Devils Reunion Tour doesn't work anymore. We're going to have to ride this baby out for a while...
  24. Maybe Lou needs someone to help him out with talent acquisition: look at the majority of his free-agent signings since Stevens retired and how they've panned out...Malakhov, Mogilny, McGillis, Kozlov, Zubrus, Havelid, Case closed.... Granted, we find diamonds in the rough like Clarkson, but so does every other team. This team needs major help, but if Lou keeps denying it then what the hell do we have to look forward to. After they lost to the Rags last year, Lou kept repeating that this team had what it takes to get to the Cup and denied that it needed major changes. I'm assuming he's going to say the same sh*t after this season. But the truth is, it does need major changes and until those changes are made, we'll keep being the champions of the regular season and that's about it. I dunno.. as a Devils fan i'm just disgusted with the way this team has played in the postseason lately. They lack defense, scoring, but most of all..heart. It just flat out sucks.
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