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  1. Wow. That was a pretty bad non call but it makes up for the bullsh*t boarding call on Bernier last year..that basically gave the series to LA.
  2. Would like to see Jeff Carter packing his bags in Chicago on Saturday. I cant say why buyt I dislike the Kings almost as much as I do the Canes.
  3. Brown selling the fake slashing penalty.
  4. Big difference. We tend not to shed sh!tty contracts, but instead allow the player(s) to hang around past their prime. Our drafting isnt' the greatest behind Lou and Conte. Once Marty retires in a few years this organization will be in serious trouble.
  5. You guys expect Lou to sign Brad Richards? No way that's happening, he's too rich for our blood. Lou will reel in another Bobby Butler type.
  6. Ever since that cheap hit on Anssi Salmela a few years ago, I've added Jeff Carter to the scumbag list. What p*ssed me off even more though was how no Devils retaliated or responded. They just let Salmela lay there on the ice knocked out cold. That was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments in this franchise's history.
  7. Uggh. I cannot stomach another year of the Kings winning. I can't stand Carter or Richards, especially Carter. And I don't like Quick because he grew up a Rags fan. And their bandwagon fans are intolerable. Almost as bad as Lakers fans.
  8. Lou will let Marty start in goal for as long as he wants to. I see Marty starting for the next 3-4 seasons.
  9. In all likelihood, Lou will get either Elias or Clarkson done. Zids will be resigned too. Forgot about him. As far as free agency, Lou won't sign anyone significant. If we do manage to pickup anybody it will be a utility player on the cheap. That's my bold prediction.
  10. 1. who do we draft -- No idea 2. who do we resign in our UFA -- Elias and Clarkson 3.who can we try to sign or acquire -- No one 4. who do we buy out -- Volchenkov
  11. I really, really dont' want to see L.A win another Stanley Cup.
  12. Unfortunately, LA can throw as much dirt in our face as they want at the moment, and we'd just have to take it. They won the Cup, have a hell of a bright future, arguably the best goaltender in the league, and good coaching. I just hope they don't win another Cup and follow the same fate as Carolina did after their big win in 2005-06.
  13. "Right now, we're going to stay the course." - Lou Lamoriello.
  14. If Lou gives Patty an offer it will likely be the bargain basement sort and he'll expect him to sign it out of loyalty. If no offer is made...watch him go to the Kings in a "rich get richer" scenario. They have cap space and a young team. Could use a veteran presence to make the lockerroom even stronger than it already is. Just my opinion. ..
  15. Unfortunately Lou is in love with the reunion tour concept. So if Zids and Clarkson move on he'll likely replace them with some other ex-Devils past their prime scrubs.
  16. Lou The Infallible will not be blamed for any of this and will continue his status quo bullsh*t as usual in the offseason.
  17. I can't stand Chico. He's such an annoying fvucking homer.
  18. Marty is as proud a player as Lou is a GM. They will continue on until they're incapable. With that said, Marty will likely start for the next two seasons and and then retire. By that time, Wedgewood should be ok to take over. The bigger concern I have is Lou sticking with the status quo, which i'm betting the farm on him doing this offseason despite the mess this year.
  19. If Lou failed to get a replacement for Parise what makes you think he'll get a star player in the offseason?
  20. Lou will deflect blame from himself as he always does and probably give PDB a one-year pass because of the injuries this year. He'll stick to the same recipe of acquiring cheap signings and utility players and nothing will change as far as that's concerned. Anyone expecting big changes this offseason will be extremely disappointed and i'm not being smug in saying that.
  21. I don't even think the biggest homer Devils fan could put their "kumbaya" positivity on the state of this team. The sad fact is though that Lou will do nothing. On a side note, I think it's kind of funny that fans are still singing the "Hey you suck" chant.
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