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  1. "We will always look to improve the team but no major changes are needed. We will find players that can contribute and fit into our system. We will stay the course" - Lou Lams
  2. I hope Lou chooses not to hire a coach and sits behind the bench next year. I also hope he drafts a defenseman in the first round. Of course give him a NTC! That's how Lou gets it done.
  3. Good riddance to this season. Lets hope we're not saying this same thing next year.
  4. slasher72

    Lou's Future

    hahah. F'in sweet. Like Jag and everyone else here, I'm done with the ex-Devils merry-go-round. Enough of that crap. I know Johnny Oduya is a possibility and while still a decent player I really don't want him here, for that fact alone. This organization needs a shot in the arm. At 72 years old, I fear Lou is too stuck in his way to change and we'll see more of the same this offseason and next year. As a Giants fan, this mimics the 90's with George Young. His ego was huge, he was stubborn, ran the organization like he had zero accountability and answered to no one except himself, kept mediocre staff and players around way too long, and had clearly lost a few steps because he was married to his way of doing things and wouldn't accept any other approach.
  5. slasher72

    Lou's Future

    I'm interested to see what he can pull off this off-season but the other side of me wishes we had someone else handling the draft other than Lou and Conte because their draft picks have been underwhelming, especially when it comes to drafting forwards..it's been abysmal. Aside from Parise, you could go back 10 years and the majority of the forwards they've drafted are either no longer in the league or on other teams. In either case, it doesn't help the Devils. I just think it's time for change with minds that bring a fresh approach. I don't think you move Lou upstairs, it would be a huge blow to his ego and he wouldn't be happy taking orders or ceding control to his replacement. Especially since he's been here 30+ years and considers himself the architect of the organization. The only way out of this is to thank him for all the years of service and kindly "ask" him to retire gracefully and hoping he accepts it. The worst case scenario would be Lou refusing to retire, keeping Conte around, blowing the next two drafts, and keeping the roster intact, sans Zubrus and Salvador. I hope that won't be the case.
  6. Johnny Oduya...haha. why do I feel this is so going to happen? Oh yea, he's an ex-Devil! Lol
  7. You think that's bad? Try being an Orioles fan. It's a lesson in masochism every season.
  8. PLEASE NO. Enough of the band-aid approach and barely making the playoffs or missing them entirely. I'd gladly accept 2-5 years of sucking and high draft picks if it got us to the LA Kings' level of firepower.
  9. I'm not trolling. Trust me on that. I was just blowing off steam while watching that wretched performance vs. the Rags. I don't come here to troll and mix it up with people. In fact, mixing it up with people is the last thing I feel like doing on this board. Life's too short.
  10. I hear you man... Let's bury the hatchet, life's too short. We'll see what Lou can do in the off-season to right the ship.
  11. If they get McDavid, drinks on me friend!
  12. I'm assuming you're not a grown man, because no normal guy above the age of 17 would obsess about what some other guy writes on a sports forum as much as you do. The fact that you collected quotes from several of my rants tonight and tried to insult me with them is both pathetic and sad.
  13. And a condescending, judgemental dipsh1t looks on with nothing of value to add but some childish insult. And now he can go to sleep feeling he's accomplished something in his sad, meaningless life by mocking another human being over an anonymous forum where his cowardice is safe and sound.
  14. Damn, that sounds delicious. Good for you bro. And yes, if the Rangers lose in the Conference Finals, raise a glass to Queen Henrik and give a masterful toast. Lol
  15. I saw the little brat in Rangers blue mocking our guys while they skated off the ice. I wanted to reach through the tv and slap him across the face. Their fans are the epitome of loudmouth New York idiots. All bluster and bravado when the team is winning but silent and absent when they're not.
  16. Ugggh. You again. Hey schmuck, this is a forum where we're all free to express our thoughts. So stop playing Mr. Internet Cop and fvck off. Thank you.
  17. You're right. We've got the rest of the division right where we want 'em! Lol
  18. I gave that up months ago. Lou will never be fired. I'm resigned to that fact. And neither will Conte. Lou will also never change his ways. He'll still approach player acquisition as if it were 1995 and not adjust to the new NHL. He and Conte will continue to fvck up the draft and acquire slow forwards who can't put the puck in net. Then there's his stubborn insistence that players and coaches buy into his system 100% or be shown the door. It's just getting really old. But, with these owners I think Lou has free reign to do whatever the hell he wants
  19. That sounds excellent. Nothing better than a home brew. Stout, Ale, or IPA?
  20. Way to go a$$holes! Embarrassed in your own building by the Rags once again. Great job Lou! Who will you hire and fire next year ?
  21. If Lou stays the course next year with these same players (which is a very real possibility), what I'm having while watching each game will definitely not be sold over the counter. Lol.
  22. Game Over. I really hope we see Lou behind the bench next year. That would be awesome.
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