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  1. I want to see all the Hollywood trash leaaving the game early in the third due to disappointment. Take Game 3, then take Game 4 and send the series back to NJ tied 2-2. Cmon Devs!!!!
  2. my entire row is missing in section 21.
  3. In the immortal words of Rocky Balboa.. "It ain’t about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. . It's how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done." Game 3 for the Devils is do or die. Time to ante up.
  4. nevermind music in the Rock. They need to crank some metal in that lockerroom and get them ready to tear someone's head off! No more Hooty n and the Blowfish.
  5. Hmm my pregame selection would go something like this, cranked out to max volume .. 1. Metallica - the thing that should not be - the four horsemen - escape - anasthesia (pulling teeth) 2. Motley Crue - Knock em dead kid 3. Pantera - Walk - I'm broken Somethin along those lines ...
  6. We MUST win game 2. Cannot go down 0-2 against this team or it might be a sweep. Zidlicky was terrible last night. He was getting knocked on his a s s the entire game and was supposed to be on Kopitar during that breakaway. Throughout the playoffs he has consistentently sucked for us.
  7. I just love how all the bigmouth Rangers fans were writing us off after Game 1 saying we were the weakest team they met up to that point in the playoffs, lol.
  8. Absolutely. F Messier and that '94 team. It's time for Marty to get his revenge.
  9. As someone who has cheered for this team since '92, I will be sad to see Marty retire when he finally hangs up the skates. I just hope the next guy who takes over is good. Wedgewood i'm assuming?
  10. let's not get cocky. The game on Friday will be very tough. I think we'll win it. But let's keep a level head. One game at a time.
  11. I hope he does. Go out on top ala Patrick Roy.
  12. Well, it does happen with this team. Remember blowing the lead to Carolina? Anyway.. shiit happens. I hope to God they can win on Friday and put the Rags away for good!
  13. Fair point. Speaking for myself, I'm going to try to contain myself a little better the next time they let up a 3-0 lead. We'll see. The beer didnt help, lol. Over the course of the game, I think the emotions for most of us went something like this.... shock, happiness, excitement, disappointment, concern, more concern, anger, digust, extreme disgust, before returing back to shock and happiness. I know tonight i definitely did not keep my compsure and was ready to put my foot through the tv screen when Marty let in that 3rd goal. But, the Devils won it and gave me reason not to doubt them, even when visions from past playoff losses started dancing in my head. For the guys who were able to keep a cool head, I tip my hat to you. I had a hard time doing it tonight. Anyway.. on to Friday. Let's beat the shiit out of this team and send them packing. I want to see Marty lift that Stanley Cup one more time before he retires!
  14. It's just venting, anger, and frustration, that's all. Everyone on this board loves this team otherwise we wouldn't be spending time on here. But let's face it, the Rags have given us fits over the years in the playoffs and we've seen the Devils choke to this team, time and time again and we've seen Marty let this team get into his head on more than one occassion. Do some of us maintain our composure better than others? Sure. But that doesnt make anyone less of a fan because they vent and get down at certain times. Whatever, shiit happens. Hopefully with this win it will finally give Marty some revenge to put this team away in front of thousands of fans on Friday night. This game was a pivotal game for both teams. Hats off to the Devils!
  15. i have to admit... the alcohol got me fuming when we let in 3 goals and i was being haunted by the ghosts of playoff games past.. but i'll gladly eat my fukcing crow now. I never doubted the Devils but I was shiiting my pants that Marty would let in another and we'd see a repeat of losing to these azzholes again. Anyone who was not feeling that way is just kidding themselves. But regardless, i stand corrected. Thank you boys. I dont think i'll drink on Friday and celebrate with a level head
  17. holy shiit, what just happened!??? Gio!!!! thank you.. my beer buzz will not go to waste tonight
  18. i'm trying to stay positive.. but honestly, we've all seen this story over and over and over. For whatever reason the fukcing Rangers always have our number in the playoffs and Brodeur always fukcing chokes to this team. I just dont know what to say anymore. I hope like hell we win but who the fukc knows the way we're playing right now and the way Brodeur is playing.
  19. if i was Brodeur, I think i'd finally say "fuk these azzhole fans, i'm going to drive the nail into this team's coffin and have the last laugh." However, Brodeur once again is letting them get into his head and it's the same ol' shiit. Van Biesbrouk.. Richter.. Lindqvist... same ol fukcing story. I am so fukcing disgusted.
  20. forget it.. i'm done. Brodeur will lose this game for us and we'll have to endure another fukcing year of losing to this piece of shiit team. I am so fukcing disgusted. I have no words.
  21. Dear Devils, Ever since 1994, I've wanted revenge on the Rangers. For 18 long years, we've had to endure video that grinning dooshbucket Messier lifting the Cup along with all the dirty hits he laid on our former players over the years, then we've had to endure that other dikhead Avery, and them knocking us out of the playoffs a few years ago in our new building, not to mention the constant jeering of their loudmouth a-hole arrogant fans throughout the years. Please Devils...please win this game.. bring the series back to NJ up 3-2 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals one last time for Marty and win it all. But... it all starts by winning this game. C'mon boys! hang tough.. shut them out this third period and drive the nail into their coffin on Friday night in front of thousands of die-hard and joyful Devils fans. Thank you.
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