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  1. bring it home baby! win this game! Let's Go Devils!!!
  2. the penalties were rediculous. it felt like the flyers were on the powerplay the entire second period. the refs totally sucked last night, but that's beating a dead horse at this point. Devils just need to take care of business and put away this team.
  3. yup, i sat in section 119 and we were giving it good to the flyers fans in front of us. When Zubrus scored that goal our entire section went bezerk. That building had energy that was through the friggin roof! unbelievable game to be a part of.
  4. I see #33 in goal for Philly.. from the looks of tonight's game i could have sworn it was the ghost of Patrick Roy.
  5. I just dropped a few hundred bucks to see them play in Game 2. If they come out with the same sh*t effort, i'm going to be awfully upset. I dont know what it is with this team...they play like champions during the regular season and then wilt in the playoffs. This sh*t is getting so old.
  6. With 30 seconds left in overtime, I caught myself saying the same thing I said with less than a minute to go vs. Carolina last year, "clear the puck, clear the goddamn puck!!" And just like last year, the same end result. I dont know what it is with this team and Brodeur. It's almost a given that when they're put in crunch time versus either the Rangers or the Hurricanes, 9 times out of 10 they'll lose. As for Lemaire leaving anytime soon, it wont happen. As long as he keeps the Devils winning during the regular season, Lou will keep bringing him back regardless of our postseason record. Lemaire is one of Lou's guys. He's not going anywhere anytime soon.
  7. I totally tip my hat to Team USA. We nearly beat them at their national pasttime on their own soil. That's saying something... Now just imagine if they allowed football to be played during the Winter Olympics and we put together a team comprised of the best players from both the NFC and AFC and had them go head-to-head against a team from the best players in the CFL.
  8. What would make it worse is if they lost Kovalchuk to a team like the L.A. Kings and were stuck with Rolston scoring <20 goals a season for the next 4 years. That would be the nail in the coffin.
  9. this team is a total mess. Kovy will probably walk after the season and become a 40 goal scorer for some other team.

  10. look at the bright side, at least the Devils can beat the Hurricanes in NHL 10.
  11. I have the worst feeling that Lou will fail to re-sign Kovulchuk and we'll basically had given up Bergfors (who has scored a goal in every game he's played now for Atlanta) for a 3 month rental.
  12. Lou acts like a virgin in a whore house every time an ex-Devil is available through free-agency. It's like he looses all common sense, and logic go right out the window. Whether it's Rolston, Mogilny, or Malakhov, he's just so quick to pull the trigger to get ex-Devils on board that he winds up making the sh*ttiest deals and it usually bites this team in the a$$ down the road. I doubt he'll have the heart to fire Lemaire, but if Lemarie does quit or is fired, who's next on the list of potential hires? Kevin Constantine? Enough already with the re-treads and reunion tours.
  13. Here's to hoping Lamoriello doesn't bring back any ex-Devils (players and coaches). Enough already with the 1995 reunion tour... As I said before, this team is built like a finesse defensive team with the capacity to score 1-2 goals per game. But right now, the defense is just as putrid as the offense. So we're fvcked. If we see the Hurricanes in round one, we will get swept. Mark my words.
  14. I agree. This team is right now built as a "finesse" defensive team that not only can't score, but can't play any defense. Not a good combination to have. From watching Parise get his front teeth knocked out against the Rangers in that playoff game, and no one on the Devils did anything about it, to Avery crashing the net and falling on Marty, to Jeff Carter cleaning Salmella's clock on Monday night... not a single player on this team steps up and takes matters into their own hands. They just sit there and take it. I wish we still had a Cam Janssen or a Mike Peluso on this team. Someone to send out and drop gloves with Pronger, punch his face in, and send a message. But right now that's wishful thinking. This team lacks no killer instinct and no physicality whatsoever. As a longtime Devils fan, they are extremely disappointing to watch. I've also had it with Rolston. This guy gets paid a king's ransom and doesn't do d*ck. If his contract prevents us from signing Ilya longterm it will be a huge setback to this organization.. Anyway, just venting after watching that sewage on tv last night. Paul Martin and Clarkson coming back aren't going to suddenly transform them into the Devils of old. They're still going to be playing like a "finesse" team. I dont know what the answer is. Just extremely frustrated right now as a fan...
  15. After witnessing the Devils physically beat the sh*t out of teams during the 90's, watching this garbage makes me want to vomit in my mouth. They have no killer instinct. In addition to this recent skid...if last year's shameful exit at the hands of the Hurricanes wasn't proof enough that this team lacks any cajones, I dont know what is. It just pains me to hear Daneyko talk about how soft they're playing and then speak about how he and Stevens never would have tolerated the crap dished out by Jeff Carter on Monday night. Stevens in particular would have made sure Carter paid dearly the next time around. I dunno what to say anymore. They just look like a half-hearted bunch out there who expect to lose.
  16. White is the worst $3 million dollar defenseman in the entire NHL. I'm convinced. But since Lou has a soft spot for him because he was on previous Cup winners he'll probably remain on the team until retirement. As for Mottau, he is awful. I agree. God forbid if this team has to play the Rangers in round 1. They'll sweep us and we'll have to deal with a house full of Rangers fans rubbing it in.
  17. what's laughable is Colin White gets paid $3 mil a year. I don't know how this guy evades getting released or traded. I'd bring Richard Matvichuk out of retirement over White. At least Matvichuk played with brains.
  18. I would be extremely upset if Lou fails to resign Kovy (and we've basically given up Bergfors and Oduya) for a 3 month rental). You know damn well a team like the Rangers is going to make a major push for him too, though the Islanders are probably a bigger threat because they're way under the cap. Whose contracts could prevent us from keeping him? Rolston's, Elias', White's? I'd like to know what our chances are of keeping this guy...we haven't had an impact player like him since acquiring Scott Stevens from the Blues.
  19. what would be the odds that Lou loses both Zajac and Parise to the Flames? well.. looking on the bright side. If it does happen, at least we'll have Pandolfo and Zubrus locked up
  20. Lou is tearing it up this off-season!
  21. this move typifies Lou...safe and cheap.
  22. ok, lets see what other re-treads Lou can dig up.. Way to go Lou, such ingenuity!
  23. So Lou made us wait 3 weeks to hire Lemaire? Let's see...what other Devils re-treads can Lou sign on board before the end of summer? Watch Parise leave the team in two years to go play for the Flames.
  24. Lemaire's defensive trap style of play will probably drive Parise away from the team, due to lack of production.. if you like Zach as a Devil, watch him now while you still can..
  25. nice haha. while we're at it, is Jim Dowd still out there?
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