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  1. Ugggh. You again. Hey schmuck, this is a forum where we're all free to express our thoughts. So stop playing Mr. Internet Cop and fvck off. Thank you.
  2. You're right. We've got the rest of the division right where we want 'em! Lol
  3. I gave that up months ago. Lou will never be fired. I'm resigned to that fact. And neither will Conte. Lou will also never change his ways. He'll still approach player acquisition as if it were 1995 and not adjust to the new NHL. He and Conte will continue to fvck up the draft and acquire slow forwards who can't put the puck in net. Then there's his stubborn insistence that players and coaches buy into his system 100% or be shown the door. It's just getting really old. But, with these owners I think Lou has free reign to do whatever the hell he wants
  4. That sounds excellent. Nothing better than a home brew. Stout, Ale, or IPA?
  5. Way to go a$$holes! Embarrassed in your own building by the Rags once again. Great job Lou! Who will you hire and fire next year ?
  6. If Lou stays the course next year with these same players (which is a very real possibility), what I'm having while watching each game will definitely not be sold over the counter. Lol.
  7. Game Over. I really hope we see Lou behind the bench next year. That would be awesome.
  8. Yes, Dano loves lunchpail types of players who don't have much skill other than checking.
  9. Because like Gionta, he's a "Lou guy".
  10. Here's my prediction for next year: Fraser, Zubrus, Gelinas, and Sal return. Elias gets extended. And Lou decides he can't find a suitable coach and elects to stay behind the bench the entire season. Lol.
  11. slasher72

    Hey guys

    That's terrible. So sad.
  12. So true. I was there also. And when Henrique scored, it was like deliverance from Adam Graves' wrap around winner, from Matteau's winner, from Gretzky knocking us out in '97, from Avery winning in our building, even down to all the times Messier was a complete a$$hole, cheap shot artist and never paid the price...that win was the best sports event I've ever attended.
  13. And you're a fvcking wussie who should stop getting so butthurt over comments someone makes about a sports team.
  14. Maybe Lou can roll out one of the Stanley Cup Champions again next year and we can forget about the mess on the ice, get all nostalgic, and chant "Lou, Lou Lou!" until we're all blue in the face.
  15. Yea, they really suck! So glad we're kicking their ass in this game. Hah. Lou rulez! Rangers Suck!
  16. I agree. He does. I like Kinkaids game a lot.
  17. Reality Check time for Lou....your team sucks and it's time for change. Now get out from behind the bench and go back to being a GM fulltime.
  18. Can Elias and Zubrus please retire? These guys might as well be riding around in wheelchairs on the ice.
  19. Well, look at the bright side. At least McGillis and Malakhov are no longer on the books !
  20. Well, look at the bright side. At least McGillis and Malakhov are no longer on the books !
  21. Rephrase that from "If an organization thinks" to "If Lou thinks", because Lou is "the organization". And I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that Lou believes Fraser belongs on the team.
  22. As a very minor example, some in the organization suggested coming up with a third jersey as a way to help generate revenue, and Lou shut it down saying absolutely not. Yes, that's not important in the grand scheme of things but Lou runs the organization as if he owns it. He dictates the style of play, demands players and coaches adapt to his system, refuses to implement changes to the system, and micromanages the coaches. As for his drafting, it's been sub par (yes, we haven't picked in the top 10 but neither have the Rangers). And his free agent moves, outside of Cammy and Jagr, leave a lot to be desired (go back 10 years and see how many duds we've had). The game may not be passing him by but he's sure as hell not convincing anyone that he's at the forefront either.
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