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  1. Lou will only tolerate coaches and players who "fit the system", meaning his system. If it means him taking control of the ship and running it aground to maintain that order, so be it. That's his philosophy. No player or coach will bring new ideas to the organization and change what Lou set in place in the early 90's. Not unless he's gone. And by all accounts, he ain't going anywhere. And when he does, he'll appoint his son successor and around and around we go. These owners won't step in to implement change. They're completely hands-off.
  2. Haha, Lou loves little Gio though. I think he'll probably stick around unfortunately
  3. I agree. I read the article with Elias' comments, basically him saying they need a sniper to score goals. That's all well and good but he and Zajac both get paid like All-Stars and neither is putting the puck in net. The team is saddled with NTC contracts to players like Elias, who are getting rewarded every year but not producing. But it's not just him. The forward and center positions on this team need a total house cleaning. Is Lou the guy to do it? I don't think so.
  4. To say this team needs scoring forwards would be a gross understatement. We have over the hill forwards and less skillful forwards who can't score if their life depended on it making over $5 million/year. Its been this way since Parise left.
  5. Elias has played in 60 games, scored only 10 goals, and gets paid $5.5 million a year. On top of that, he complains about his "diminishing role". If he receives the 'C' then Lou needs to get his head examined.
  6. I'll give you one guess.... he's 72 years old, is of Italian-American descent, is said to roam the Prudential Center, and is good with math.
  7. Could've been worse. At least they weren't chanting RANGERS SUCK.
  8. "General Manager to Ex-Devil. Ex-Devil, come in please. General Manager calling Ex-Devil. General Manager to Ex-Devil, talk to me Johnny."
  9. Hey, don't laugh, lol. Gionta is a "Lou guy" above anything else, buys into the system 100%, and displays character. He may not have any talent but I could definitely see him getting the C.
  10. Which free agents are ex-Devils? That's who we're going after! C'mon Lou, make it happen!
  11. JVR is a solid choice. Middletown, NJ native as well.
  12. Greene all the way. Cammy is too new to the team.
  13. I would gladly give up Zajac and his $5+ mil/year salary. If it weren't for Parise and Kovalchuk he wouldnt be sniffing anything close to that. Him, Harrold, Gionta, top of my list to shove off. Then hopefully Patty retires instead of draining the bank for his $5.5 mil/year. At this point, he's getting more of a loyalty paycheck than anything else.
  14. Elias is making $5.5 mil next season. Will he get another contract from Lou after this one expires?
  15. Kessel is excellent but we need to get younger through the draft. If we have suffer a few years to get there I'm willing to do so.
  16. An example of his ego being too large was when asked about offensive players needed next year his response was basically, "Yes, we need more offensive players but they have to buy into the system first and fit the organization's mold otherwise we're not interested". So, no...that's not really admitting things aren't working. That's an example of keeping the status quo and not accepting other ideas. Same goes for keeping Conte around all these years. Anyway, feel free to go off on another hissy fit. I'm done.
  17. Ok, so he's stating the obvious and for that we should all get down on our hands and knees and praise him. As for the low numbers etc comment, I was just making a point, I didn't say it had an effect on the team's performance. Talk about flying off the handle.... Glad to know we can agree on one thing...great, super.
  18. The disappointment will continue because Lou's philosophy is "my way or the highway". He doesn't see what the fans see, and he doesn't care to see it. He has built an entire system from the ground up from defensive hockey first, to uniform colors, to low numbers, to no long hair and no beards. And he has final say on the draft and free agency. It has been this way for 30+ years so why does anyone think he's going to suddenly change what he does? He won't. And his ego is too large to admit things aren't working, so he will contine as President/GM until the organization is turned around....but only turned around with his philosophy in place. Forget new ownership, they're proving to be as hands off as McMullen. Lou runs this team like he owns it, and that won't change until he retires and names his son as successor. As for the players, if you're a "Lou guy" you get unlimited ice time..despite your talent (i.e. Stephen Gionta). And that ain't gonna change either.
  19. Stephen Gionta is a Lou guy. He ain't goin' anywhere. As are Harrold and Zubrus. Whoever said Paul Martin would probably sign here in the off-season is probably right on the money too (especially with him being an ex-Devil)
  20. The retro uniforms look awesome. Once Lou retires, I hope they bring them back as an alternate uniform. Higher jersey numbers would be cool too. If his son Chris takes over as GM though, nothing will change.
  21. "We certainly will look at somebody within the framework of the system that we play. Defense first," he stressed. "But we also have to get some offensive players to complement that." In other words, nothing will change and the same players who don't produce now will be complimented next year by players who also don't produce.
  22. Someone buy Lou a time machine, because he's stuck in 1995.
  23. When Lou finally retires does Chris Lamoriello automatically become GM?
  24. And you're confident that Lou and Conte will get this done? Because I'm not.
  25. Looking at this team and the putrid drafting and seeing what the Rags have done makes me want to puke. And I expect nothing to change next year because Lou is in charge and he won't fire Conte, nor alter the way he approaches the draft selection or player acquisitions. We just need to ride the car until the wheels completely fall off and Lou retires in 4-5 years or so. I think that's the only way real change comes.
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