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  1. If the Flyers put two men on the ice for the entire 3rd period we might get one shot past Bryz. Hmm, then again.. we'd probably still need to pull Marty and have the the extra attacker.
  2. Why does it seem everytime we meet a Laviolette led team in the playoffs we look slow, unathletic, and outhustled?
  3. At this rate, I fully expect them to lose this game and then get swept, and Lou will do nothing because he'll say we're champs of the regular season and just need a minor change here or there.
  4. If we didnt make their goalie look like the second coming of Vlad Tretiak we wouldn't be playing Devils hockey.
  5. outside of Parise and maybe Henrique, it seems like our team is full of 'B' rated role players just trying to keep up with the rest of the action. Addressing the issue if they get swept, I have zero faith that Lou will shake things up in a major way. It's not his style. He'll keep the status quo. Maybe Lou can locate more family members of current or past players who also play hockey and sign them in the offseason? Does Gionta have any cousins who can play for this team?
  6. how many more years will the Devils be the Flyers' bitch in the playoffs. This shiet is getting old...
  7. slasher72


    If we had Giroux we probably wouldnt utilize his talents correctly or he'd become an above average player at best. Don't waste the money. Just get more role players who fit the system and keep chuggung along....
  8. The thing that concerns me is once philly shook off the rust we couldn't get anything going for nearly 2 periods. I just hope we can match their energy going forward. PDB should put in Larsson. Why be so damn stubborn about it. He can't be any worse than Volchenkov. Let's finally see what the kid can do!
  9. So glad we took Larsson instead of Courturier. We're definitely getting our money's worth... Lol.
  10. This was our game to win. I highly doubt we win game 2 now that philly has momentum. I hope I'm wrong. I don't want to see another OT game. They usually = a Marty softie and a Devils' loss
  11. How many more times will fuking Danny Briere rip this team's heart out. That SOB kills us in the playoffs.
  12. they're falling down on top of Brodeur and that's not interference??
  13. stadium went absolutely bezerk when they scored in OT. By far the best playoff game i've ever witnessed.
  14. Get a fukin grip. What are we 12 years old? Did I offend you because I can appreciate watching good hockey even if it's not coming from the team I root for? All i said was it could be fun watching Parise and Tavares on the same line as long as they're not playing against us (should he get traded to the NYI, which i'm not hoping for btw). I'm not an Isles fan but I'll admit that Tavares is one of the best young players in the league and if Zach was paired up with him, it would be entertaining to see. Sorry, i'll go back to drinking Lou's Kool-aid and shouting "Rangers suck!" so I can be considered a true fan.
  15. As long as Parise doesn't go to the Rangers, Flyers, Hurricanes, or Penguins... I don't care where he ends up. I could see him on the Islanders since his old man played there and they seem dumb enough to overpay for him. Actually, seeing him on the same line as Tavares would be pretty fun to watch, and I don't really hate the Isles like I do the above mentioned franchises so i'd be rooting for him to do well as long as they're not playing us.
  16. This team is comprised of a bunch of losers. What do you expect? I'll tell you what I expect.....to be out about $90 around 9:45pm Tuesday night and getting ready for that long frustrating drive back home on the NJ Turnpike.
  17. If they lose on Tuesday, Lou will give his usual, "There are no necessary changes for this team. We just need to play better" speech to the press and around and around we go. All the veterans like Elias, Zajac, Marty, and Zubrus will be back next year and it'll be the same bullshiit. I think my beer buzz is starting to wear off now. I've really nothing left to say. Goodbye. Goodnight.
  18. Where have you been for the past 10 years? That's all this team does is have a great regular season and then choke to inferior teams in the first-round. It's almost become comical at this point. And next year you get to experience the same thing all over again!
  19. I hope Washington has plenty of game tape on Florida. ahh yes... another first round choke job coming your way Devils fans!
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