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  1. With every fiber of my being, I hope you're right.. My only fear is that his brother plays for NJ and Lou's penchant for former Devils.
  2. https://twitter.com/EricEngels/statuses/483448660189929473 Someone is offering Gionta more than the Habs are ($5 mil per year). See http://awinninghabit.com/2014/06/30/letting-brian-gionta-walk-right-move-montreal-canadiens/?utm_source=FanSided&utm_medium=Network&utm_campaign=Around%20the%20Network I'd love to know who these teams are that are involved.
  3. Because based on his past successes with those Cup teams, all he has to do now is the bare minimum and many Devils fans will rejoice and call him a genius. Sentimentality clouds a lot of people's judgement.
  4. Your argument is rediculous. So an average fan who continuously sees this team lack any kind of real offense or any kind of finish cannot criticize Lou & Conte because we're not as knowledgeable as professional scouts? Newsflash...they get paid to build a team that can score goals and I pay them to be entertained and root for their success. It's not my responsibility to be as knowledgeable as the Devils scouting department. I do know that Point was a very productive player at Moose Jaw and I would have preferred him over a defenseman. It doesn't take a statistician to realize this team needs players who can score and our draft from that perspective was underwhelming.
  5. Therefore we shouldn't second guess our government's actions because they're all professional politicians? This draft was underwhelming and taking a ho-hum defensemen in the second round when Point was still available was baffling to say the least. Lou still thinks this is 1995 and he's looking to build a team around Mike Peluso clones. He never adjusted to the post-lockout NHL and continuous bad drafting is now coming home to roost.
  6. Indeed, it would be a dream come true. But Lou will do neither. He'll keep Sal and Volch.
  7. Talks have apparently broken down in Montreal. I say Lou signs him for 4.5 mil for 2 years.
  8. Fayne is as good as gone and I could see the Rangers giving him big money to go there. Now, if he loses Carter also to the Rags I'd be a little surprised since he keeps talking about keeping the CBGB line together.
  9. You weren't kidding... Mark Fayne: Report: Rangers interested in Mark Fayne Mark Fayne - D - NJ - Jun. 28 - 8:07 pm et The Rangers have "legitimate interest" in Mark Fayne, according to the NY Post’s Larry Brooks. Brooks says the Rangers have already "checked in with" Fayne's camp. New York is doing its due diligence just in case it cannot sign Anton Stralman, which doesn’t seem likely at this point. Fayne, 27, is set to be an unrestricted free agent. He is a right-handed shot who could slot in on the second pair with Marc Staal. Fayne recorded 11 points last year and has been a solid possession player in his career. He earned $1.4 million last season. Jun. 28 - 8:07 pm et
  10. I'm sure Lou and Conte would be in agreement with you.
  11. Yea.. regarding Lou's reacting to the press over his ad-nauseum signings of Ex-Devils, he's probably surprised by their reaction because he sees nothing wrong with it. It has nothing to do with him finally seeing the light and breaking away from his ex-Devil obsession. Absolutely agree with you on Gionta. I wonder what number he'll wear
  12. This draft was pathetic considering who we passed on. Lou and Conte could give two sh*ts what the fans think. They exist in a vacuum.
  13. Good luck with that happening. He's not buying anyone out. Fayne will walk. As for Gionta, looks less and less like he's resigning with Montreal and he's talking to a few teams. Hmm... I wonder who one of those teams could be https://twitter.com/renlavoietva/status/482714746219921408
  14. No hard feelings. I'm no troll. I've been watching this team since the days of Claude Vilgrain but I'm fed up with Lou's stubbornness and Conte's blindness and I'm growing increasingly pessimistic with every subpar move they make. And the fact that we left Barbashev and Point on the table in exchange for goons just confirms my pessimism. Lou and Conte believe the way to build a team is by resurrecting the "Crash Line", saturating the team with non-offensive fowards, and hoping Jagr and Elias can play into their late 40's. No way Stastny comes here. He's staying put in Colorado. Roy, Cammellerri, Pacioretty, Vrbata...none of them are coming here either. I have a bad feeling Gionta is. And I have an even worse feeling Lou feels these other players aren't necessary for the team to score.
  15. This draft was very underwhelming. And now we wait for Lou to do nothing during FA (outside of signing Gionta) and watch him refuse to use the buyout on Volch. I wish Fayne all the best...
  16. Lou and Conte are stuck in a 1995/2003 vacuum. It's obvious They can't relate to today's NHL and don't give a damn what the rest of the league is doing. They stick to their "Devils Hockey" flowchart and ignore evetything else around them with blinders on. Gionta is most likely coming here. Actually, I'd be shocked at this point if he wasnt.
  17. And some of you take yourselves way too seriously. It's a goddamm sports forum. Get over yourselves already.
  18. "We just need to stay the course". -- Lou Lamoriello
  19. With Point still available this just makes no sense. But it's typical Lou. I don't know what else to say. I'm done. Go ahead...sign Brian Gionta and let's be done with it
  20. Because we already have plenty of these types of players on the team (i.e. Matteau, Zajac). He'll be another interchangeable forward. I liked Lemiux's feistiness, it's something this team is lacking.If not Lemiux, even Point would have been a better selection. But go ahead and bash anyone who disagrees with the Infallible Lou. Carry on....
  21. Decent motor, poor skating skills, good offensive skills but inconsistent. Considering that Lemiux was available, this was a subpar selection. If we're lucky, he'll amount to a poor man's Travis Zajac
  22. I think you're right. Lou has also stated that he may not use the buyout. I wont be shocked to see us lose Fayne and keep both Sal and Volch. I think it's a real possibility.
  23. https://mobile.twitter.com/renlavoietva/status/482205698936561664 I wonder if we're among those teams
  24. Yup. That's what I meant. Lou will take a flier on players like Merrill and Jefferson (Danton) but he will not do so with cocky players. I can't think of one cocky, self-absorbed player ever drafted or signed by Lou. It doesn't matter how talented the player is. Lou will not bring that kind of personality to the organization.
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