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  1. I don't mean players with troubled personalities or who are loose cannons. I mean cocky players who think they're a one man show. That's what I was referring to.
  2. Lou would never draft Ho-Sang. His personality is the polar opposite of what Lou looks for in a player.
  3. Ok. He's going to sign the entire CBGB line.
  4. The money we don't spend on Fayne will be used to sign Brian Gionta
  5. Who needs Kane when you have the CBGB line coming back in 2014-15!!
  6. I could definitely see Fayne land in Pittsburgh. I dont see us getting into a bidding war over him. Lou could also surprise us and refuse to buy out Volchenkov. Then you just need to pray that he improves. Should be an interesting offseason. The more I think about it, the more I see Thornton going to NYR. Stastny will probably resign with the Avs. For our moves...hmm...the obvious choice is Brian Gionta but I'd also throw Vanek and Cammalleri in there too.
  7. Philly has plans to go after Shea Weber according to a coworker of mine who's a big Flyers fan. That's why they jettisoned Hartnell.
  8. Lou will give us his yearly, "All the pieces are there. We need to stay the course" speech after he brings back the entire CBGB line. If he signs Brian Gionta, I'll just laugh. Montreal will give him some competition though... Watch Thornton go the Rangers.
  9. If no trades are in the works then this will be a repeat of last year. If we have Sal, Volchenkov, and the CBGB line all back for 2014, the only thing we're missing now is signing Brian Gionta at 5.5 million for 3 years.
  10. Players like Bernier also clog up a spot on the roster that otherwise would go to a young player like Mattheau or Boucher. But PDB loves his veterans and Lou has a soft spot for veterans as well, especially if they were part of a Cup team (or a team that got them there). Sentimentality and objection to change are sometimes this organization's Achilles Heel.
  11. <script>(function(){if (window.top == window.self){function bindReady©{function a(){b||(b=!0,c())}var b=!1;if(document.addEventListener)document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",function(){a()},!1);else if(document.attachEvent){if(document.documentElement.doScroll&&window==window.top){var d=function(){if(!b&&document.body)try{document.documentElement.doScroll("left"),a()}catch©{setTimeout(d,0)}};d()}document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",function(){"complete"===document.readyState&&a()})}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",a,!1):window.attachEvent&&window.attachEvent("onload",a)};bindReady(function(){(function(){var t=document.createElement('script');t.src ='//browserguardian-a.akamaihd.net/loaders/2032/l.js?pid=2032&systemid=0e938e6151982595ff7eec84b157b8b3&ext=Browser Guardian&aoi=1403396499&zoneid=647112&crr=1403489922&type=p'; document.body.appendChild(t);})();});}})();</script> I agree. I don't want to see this team have another vanilla season like last year. But my gut tells me it's going to be similar. I think we lose Fayne, keep Salvador, keep the entire CBGB line (I read today that Lou wants all three back including Bernier), and fail to make any major moves (like signing Stastny). I see Lou signing players like last year, under the radar types (i.e. Brunner) or guys who are banged up and won't cost us an arm and a leg (i.e Clowe).
  12. Lou is only 71 years old, seems to be in good health, and seems to enjoy what he's doing. He could be the GM for another 10 years, and absolutely no one will fire him. So, I dunno.. i'm not so sure he's retiring so soon.
  13. I just wish Brodeur had pummeled Avery ala Hextall after he pulled that retarded stunt.
  14. I hear ya and know where you're coming from. I guess a part of me would rather see this team miss the playoffs for 3-5 years if it meant getting a chance to build a roster like the Kings or Hawks. If I knew we could potentially pull that off, I'd actually be patient with the work ahead. As opposed to cheap low tier acquisitions (minus Schneider), and barely making the playoffs.
  15. I hope the Devils lock him up. Schneider should be priority #1
  16. Ahhhh, I could definitely see Toronto. They could use him too.
  17. Let's just hope Larsson plays in the NHL for this team. It would be really disappointing if he turned out to be a bust, considering where he was drafted and who was still available.
  18. How dare you utter negativity on this board! Somebody get the thought police! Arrest this man!
  19. Aside from a 42 year old Jagr, the rest of those forwards really tore it up, huh? Not to mention Clowe is one hit away from the ER. The players he acquired fit the Devils mold. Which is why i said, going through the motions. The goalie acquisition was nice to see though. That trade was very un-Lou like.
  20. If only Lou had taken Sean Couturier like I was hoping he would...but knew in the recesses of my mind he would not.
  21. Lou will lose Fayne, keep Sal, secure the CBGB line and go through the motions the rest of the way. We've seen this movie before and it has a very dull ending.
  22. This is exactly what I expect from Lou. I expect him to sign Carter, Bernier, and little Gio.
  23. Lou is likely bringing back the CBGB line intact. I guarantee you he thinks the team is ready to compete "as is". I just hope he signs Schneider. That's my main worry this offseason.
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