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  1. look at all these so called fans that are saying that the series is over. shows that you're not a real fan and wheres the faith in your team. and after this game the devils want blood this game wont go unnoticed the devils now have the spring they need to win this.
  2. Are you fvcking kidding me if a fvcking goalie is hit outside of his crease its an automatic interference. dont you fvcking tell chico to be quiet being a goalie myself this is fvcking bullsh!t. and wtf y didnt fvcking toranto say that there was interference thats no fvcking goal.
  3. Its about fvcking time the devils got one and wtf is with marty is he on drugs or something?
  4. Hellz Maddog


  5. Hellz Maddog


    i believe that he can cuz when he was in net our offence and defence were at our best. im not saying hes the best.
  6. Hellz Maddog


    wow Really is that the best you can say to him?
  7. Hellz Maddog


    Exactly the team with out marty we played some of the best games we have ever had. Every goalie has a couple of off games no one perfect and as far as weekes and Clemm how many games did each play when marty was gone? and yet they had pretty much the same record. that shows whos tel better goalie and marty ever since he broke that record he has been playing lazy all the diving plays that he would normally make he doesnt even try for anymore.
  8. Hellz Maddog


    At the rate that hes been playing i doubt it
  9. Hellz Maddog


    If he sucks like you say answer me this who got us to where we are now?
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