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    I used to work at Martell's Tiki Bar. Some real familiar sights there.
  2. babrooks213


    I think we should try to get Mike Peluso out of retirement to play defense for us.
  3. I did like that Lou said that "excuses are for losers." Sometimes sh!t just happens. We deal with it, we move on. We try to fix what caused the breakdown, but ultimately, it wasn't a particular person's fault. A lot of things had to happen to get to this point. We could have won the first overtime game. We could have prevented that goal from coming in with .02 seconds. We could have cleared the puck. Could've, could've, could've. We can go on forever about this. But it's done. Let's look to the future.
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    I'm not sure those shoes ever can be filled. Scott Stevens was one of a kind.
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    Keepers: Gio Madden Shanahan Oduya Zajac PL3 Greene Wouldn't mind either way: Havelid Clemmer Go-ers: Holik Rupp
  6. It's not happening. Let it go.
  7. Looks like it, judging from the new thread that's up there
  8. He's going to be a free agent in the offseason, right? Someone else might lure him and Rupp. Wouldn't free up a ton of cap room, but it's money we could use to try to get someone else in, while working on bringing up PL3 or Bergfors EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Madden and wouldn't mind if he stayed with the Devils, but Lou has shown he's very unsentimental when it comes to our skilled players (see: Arnott, Gomez, Rafalski), so it's a real possibility that Mad Dog will go elsewhere
  9. It's possible. Chara won't let Staal skate around that freely
  10. Hoo boy. That was a tough one. As soon as they tied the game, I knew it was over. I was stunned when the game was tied, and pissed when it was over. There's going to be a lot of finger pointing, and really, that's to be expected. But I don't think we can point to a specific mistake that was made that cost us the entire series. We could have (and, frankly, should have) won the series much longer ago. It's easy for a lot of us to say that the series was lost with 90 seconds to go, but if we had won game two or game four, we wouldn't be in this position. Having said that, my thoughts on the series (and season) as a whole: 1. Brodeur let in two soft goals - the first and the last. But in between, he was pretty solid for most of the game - and even during the series. Yes, he looked horrible in game 6, but he was unbeatable in game 5. He may be getting old, and I know a lot of us aren't very happy with him, but he's still got the goods. He's going to be our goalie for the next few years and frankly, I'm fine with that. If we have to have the best goalie in the history of the game between the pipes, so be it. 2. We saw the emergence and maturation of our young players, particularly Parise and Zajac. Zajac especially improved from last season to this season, and I think they'll only get better. 3. Elias and Gionta look great together, but they desperately need someone to keep up with them. Zubrus has good physical presence, but he can't move the puck and skates as well as my dead grandmother's anus. I think switching his place with Rolston would have made a big difference. Zuber could punish people with Rupp and Clarkson; Rolston can make plays with Elias and Gionta. 4. Some people didn't like Sutter's reliance on Madden and Pandolfo, but boy, they looked great tonight. I just wish that Johnny had scored a goal in one of his million breakaways tonight. I think Pando's got a year or two left in him, but it's pretty obvious he's going to have to retire soon. I hope Shanny doesn't retire for one more season. The man's just too brilliant. 5. I'm frustrated with Havelid. I wanted him to be a great acquisition - and he had so much promise. And I really think he is as good as we thought he is when we first got him...but for whatever reason, he hasn't performed as sharply as needed. But on the other hand, we got to see the emergence of Andy Greene as a viable defenseman. 6. We're not going to get Bouwmeester. Let that idea die. 7. This season had SO much promise and I'm incredibly disappointed it had to end like this. But the Hurricanes are a tenacious team, and I have to give them that much respect. 8. If nothing else, the Rangers and the Flyers are out too.
  11. I don't think I'll be able to drink. I'll just be standing in my apartment, yelling and screaming at the TV Or weeping. Like a hungry angry baby.
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