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  1. I have read this story multiple times this season ... blown leads, defensive giveaways, short spurts followed by collapse. This just isn't a consistent team right now, I am not sure what needs to be changed to gain that consistency (DB goes, Marty sits, etc). But we have given away points like Joseph A Banks gives away suits. Something has to change and it needs to be soon.
  2. Jeff Vanderbeek sold all of his lehman shares prior to the financial collapse, you are completely wrong. He will refi the debt, the season will go on.
  3. DevsChamps3x

    Flyer fans

    The fans in my section were quiet, because there wasn't much to cheer about. Spoke to one during the game, he was reasonable, but kept saying our fanbase is a joke. When I was walking out my brother asked him if this is going to be year 38? He didn't have much to say ....
  4. loving all the haters silence ... best period of hockey they have played all season .. series tied.
  5. Lets all just give up right? are you people fans? shutup
  6. Will be there section 8, f*@%ing screaming my brains out around the corporate crowd. LGD
  7. I don't post much, but I was there tonight. I spent a fortune on my seats, and I have been for more then a decade (Season ticket holder since 1999). I have watched this team win cups and lose cups, I have seen them win and lose playoff games. However, I have never seen a team play the final 8 minutes on home ice the way this team did tonight. I will be there thursday, and for the rest of the playoffs if we are there, because I am a true fan. But I was truly embarrassed by this team tonight, I am not going to go on same rampage, saying I'm canceling my seats blah blah blah, but I gotta tell you, WOW DID THAT HURT. Hope we can bounce back, but I have little faith in this team after that last 8 minutes. Did anyone else notice Zajacs poor play tonight? I thought he and kovy looked awkward out there.
  8. Gomez is a cancer in the locker room, I would be surprised if he made it back into a NJ uniform.
  9. If Tomorrow is a W, that would be a great boost for the team. We are not in must win games yet, however, one huge concern I have had all season are these 3rd period giveaways. About a week ago in Toronto we let one in late. Quickly we forget about the reoccurring themes of the season. We have had been bailed out in quite a few shootouts. This a theme you do not want in any team, let alone a team trying to make a playoff push.
  10. Did everyone forget a certain 3rd period of game 7 with one minute to go? I certainly don't care too much for those inbred f$#ks from Carolina..... then again I really dislike those pussies from across the river... I just want next season to start....
  11. Satisfied with the deal.... drink up 20 games to go!
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