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  1. Two friends can't make the game. Seats are next to me. Section 131 Row 4. $80 each.

    My Belief!!!

    “I believe in this team. I don’t allow what other people think or say to get in the way of my belief.” - Lou
  3. Since the fans have no voice in the bargaining but are the 3rd party...this idea sounds cool. The problem I will have with hockey is I pay game by game since I can't get season tickets. I am getting comfortable with that money in my pocket.
  4. http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/hockey/vancouver-canucks/frustrated+makes+tough+decision+says+long/7597889/story.html
  5. Regardless of comparing the two areas, I won't go to a game at Barclays because I fear getting robbed around The Rock.
  6. My letter to the Devils PR department... To whom it may concern, I want to make you aware of the following. Yesterday , Wednesday 24 Oct, I was listening to the Hockey Night In Canada Radio show on the NHL Home Ice channel on Sirius/XM. It may have been a re-air from the morning or live, but I heard this at 4:25pm. The radio crew were on the phone with Glenn Healey. They were discussing the Islanders move to Brooklyn. Discussing how the move is away from their fan base, the question was posed to Mr. Healey: Who will be going to these games in Brooklyn? His answer was, "All those people who don't want to get robbed in Newark." The hosts laughed hard, but more in shock of that comment. But Mr. Healey thought was was hilarious. This is a national show on satellite radio that paints a negative picture of the Devils and your premiere arena to people who are too far to see for themselves how great the area is. This comment was unnecessary, incorrect, irresponsible, and quite insulting. A comment like this is just as damaging as Barry Melrose's stupid witticism. Please research this for yourself and address as publicly as it was made. The state of hockey is pretty bad right now, and this is just salt in my wound. Thank you.
  7. So where's the party at tomorrow? TA? Looking for a place to watch game 3.
  8. Are there any live feeds of the press conference? I looked on the Devs' site and doesn't seem there is one on the multimedia page.
  9. At the risk of posting too many links, check this one out from the manufacturer. They time how many pours in a minute. Grinon Industries
  10. Here's a better link of this in action...
  11. Congrats. My two newest Devils fans arrived 27 July. How old do you think is good for the first game?
  12. Even if Lou could tweak the deal and make it 15 years to appease the league, I believe he cannot and should not. Previous lengthy contracts approved by the league have set precedents that perpetuated more lengthy contracts, so here we are. There is currently no limit for term of a contract nor age a player can be under contract. If Lou were to change the length of the deal for the league, he would be setting a new precedent himself. Adjusting the deal to what the league approves would be helping create an unofficial cap on the length of contracts and extended contracts would not be taking players past 42 (age cap). Adjustments to Kovy's contract already in accordance to the letter of the CBA creates precedents on term and age limits post facto. The NHLPA must realize if Lou were to have restructured the contract the league would only be creating the types of limits that should be collectively bargained but have not been.
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