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  1. FriesenKris

    Kovy on NHL Live

    NHL VideoCenter, NHL Live 02/11/10 Not sure if there is a way to skip through but the interview is at the 1:45 mark. It was about six and a half minutes long. Whenever they talked about Olympics or possibly resigning, he went back to the point of playing well in the next two games.
  2. It was pretty special. Marty said he dreamed it would turn out this way. So did I!
  3. Seriously, I am not offended at all. I think it is funny. I thought you meant to write that.
  4. Thank you. I'm around, just incognito. Happy Birthday to Manta and NYGDevils32 too!
  5. AAA Special Membership Ticket Offer Tickets are $32 per ticket. Save over 50% per ticket! New Jersey Devils vs Pittsburgh Penguins Monday, February 4, 2008 - 7:00 PM Code: AAA020408 Seats are located in the balcony light blue sections.
  6. I guess he (GOMEZ) left his few remaining follicles in New Jersey too. He was the biggest slob when he was a Devil. I never recall him looking nice. He always wore that baby blue shirt under his equipment. It was torn around the collar. It looked like moths got to it.
  7. The lack of fans in attendance didn't make the Devils play poorly in the first. Most people couldn't even get to their seats before the Sens had their first goal. The "lack of support" also didn't cause Rasmussen to take a penalty and for Redden to get the game winning goal because that sealed the game right there. The enthusiasm and emotion was there. It could have been a coincidence but everytime the crowd oohhed over a big hit or ahhhed about a chance, the Senators also fed off of that and got chances of their own. You can run all the attendance numbers game all you want, but I'm going to look forward to game two. While I don't leave the game early, it's none of my business why people do. Like everything in life, there are good reasons for it and there things more important in life than hockey, like family.
  8. I emailed her and said that if anyone was spoiled she was - she's a female sports writer covering one of the most successful teams in hockey. I said that I know someone more qualified and better suited for the job than her. Then I explained the process of how the "average person" without a press pass purchases a playoff ticket. I said I am a fan, I was there and her article did nothing but infuriate me.
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