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  1. The arena needs a refresh in the food department, our owners put money into some decent things like the audio/visual but really need to uplif the food/the way food is done. WE're way behind the other building in terms of quality and process - I just wonder if the margins are too small and they're just like f it.

  2. Last year, William Nyrlander was 15th in the league, is he not a sniper? He was 1 goal/spot behind Panarin.


    2 minutes ago, titans04 said:

    Somehow I still find it crazy that Brian Gionta scored 48 in a season. Bravo sir, bravo. 

    Ryan Gosling Clap GIF

    That whole season was a semi-albatross of stats.

  3. 35 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    I’m not saying we had zero goal scorers, but we never had an elite sniper. 

    Richer was 15th in the league in goals in 1995 with 23, in a half season. Good, approaching that 50 goal pace, but not quite. 

    Elias was 11th in 2000 with his 35, the league leader had 59. 

    Mogilny definitely was a sniper in his career, but barely scored in 1999-00. 7 goals in 35 games between regular season and playoffs is hardly sniping. His next year, when we didn’t win the Cup, he had 43. And then he was gone. 

    Sykora had 34 in 1999-00 between regular season and playoffs. 

    15th in the league in scoring is a Sniper. Even with the short amount of teams. Same for 11th. 

  4. Just now, mfitz804 said:

    The game evolved; we won 3 Stanley Cups without a sniper. You can’t win without those guys anymore. 

    And we got the first overall pick in two years where the BPA was not that guy. 

    Won 3 cups w/o a sniper? 

    1995 - Stephane Richer was nothing if not a goal scorer, so was John MacLean, and Claude even had years of 30/40 before the Cup year. 

    2000 - Alex Mogilny? Sykora was a shooter. Elias had 35 that year

    2003 - Yes, not as many shooters, but still had good O talent up there.

  5. CR, the PK under Nas has been really good in general. I want him gone too, but between Lindy, Tom, Marty - they all kept him. So we'll see. 

    I think a pure scoring talent is needed, we don't have a big gun. Holtz might be it, but we need more guys who have the chance to be that kind of player. Johnsson has been good, but he's not a first line player. Gusev hasn't panned out for the cost of 2 2nd rounders. 

    Murray is different than Simmonds. He's still younger, and maybe he can find himself post-Covid, b/c he was really good before it. 

    Expansion draft coming, we have a lot of cap space. Patience.

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  6. Mack is just a joy to watch. So tight and controlled. Makes the big saves. 

    McLeod and Bastian did the job they needed to do and I'm very happy with that. Use the speed and size to corner and cut guys off. IIRC they drew a good penalty. 

    Yegor - what more can you say - so confident and poised. Didn't throw pucks from what I say, drew what - 3 calls? 

    Ty looked better as the game went along. The pairing though was not great- I think Sami should help in that department. He needs protection, which is fine given age/experience. 

    Hughes got two points, made the first play happen with his body, again - 1st game/long time with new physical abilities. Let's wait and see. Happy he got on the board. 

    PK didn't look great. But he did play 30 mins and they didn't allow a ES goal. Yes b/c Blackwood, but I hope Sami and cut his minutes down. He looks a little slow, and chasing the physical play around the ice too much. 

    Little too much passing, but I think they'll get their timing back. 1st game in a year, full speed, full checking, some their first games, in a new system, with a lot of new faces. I'll take it over the veteran team with a long-running system in place. 

    MIles is a pain in the ass to watch, but hey - did score a big goal and can still create. Just stop with the fvcking penalties. Jesus, the crease is in the same place since he was born. Know where it is. 

    Overall - hockey's back!

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  7. Agreed. It's personal related, and the smoke signal is alluding to something to do with just not wanting to play, whether it be family in Chicago while he's in NJ, or he's had a long career - and maybe he's just done. I'm worried more about cap implications than anything, and for that - I'm annoyed. I'm hoping they can clinically diagnose him with something and we can LTIR him.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, devlman said:

    The 18 year old kid hit a slight lull at the tail end of his first grueling NHL season after creating tons of chances prior in the season? Trade that bust!!

    In 61 NHL games no less, mind you - that's more/less the most games he had played for a team in one season. 

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  9. Just now, vadvlfan said:

    I'm guessing the thinking is we can get more peeps in an outdoor stadium. But NFL teams are limited as well in attendance.  Harris/Blitzer want to get their "flagship" facility back up and running. 

    I think it's any attendance, not just "more." Can't see anyone in buildings for a while. 

  10. 1 hour ago, DevsMan84 said:

    Good.  The outdoor game sucked.  The seating sucked, the game sucked, and freezing my ass off in temps in the lower to mid 20's sucked.  The only positive that came out of it was Marty embarrassing both himself and the team enough to make Lou realize he was finished.

    I enjoyed the game and had a great time despite the result. 'twas cold though. But 24 games outside in the middle of winter....that'd be a no from me dog, unless all the home games were like Sat/Sun 1pm for the Sun...I'd probably want to go to 5-10 if that were the case. Could they get 5K/game socially distant at RBA? I think they could.

    Be interesting if they did a neutral site for NYR/NJ at the Meadowlands or RBA. Lots of Rangers fans aren't schelpping into the city especially w/mass transit - and few are working in the city anyway.

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  11. 2 hours ago, NJDevils1214 said:

    The issue is the league can't really afford to loose the momentum. Fans like you and I will be back, but those fringe fans will check out and be a lot harder to draw back in. That and the TV deal are really huge. They need to keep interest at a peak. 

    I don't know if that's accurate. I think if the league took the season off and started up fresh on-time next season- things would be fine. Not to mention it's an Olympic year. 

    I had these same thoughts myself around like "do I even care at this point" - and I can't tell if it's because we are rebuilding and the expectations are low - so like whatever.

    In terms of teams losing the revenue, I mean - I bet there are teams who would lose more playing than not playing. We're probably one of them. A lot of this has to do with the tv deal. It's up after this season - so they need to burn it - even if it's a short year.

  12. The whole thing's a mess. The owners had a crappy deal. The players are right to say "you signed it." But at the end of the day, I'm sure it'll edge to getting a 48 game season in. Public opinion doesn't matter too much, but people don't want to see bickering given the state of the world. With that said - I think owners have the public opinion here. No fans in the seats, what are the owners supposed to do? Take the hit? Could be a huge hit w/o gate revenue. 

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