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    Espn Predicts

    I don't see Devils making past the first round, with no trade for a scorer and some size. Regular Season is one thing, the playoffs another. I'm not being a dick about it, just something I believe. Niedermayer is TRADEABLE.
  2. I saw two commericials already, and they were very very good IMO
  3. HellOnICE

    Espn Predicts

    1-8 Final Conference Standings Philly Toronto Carolina Rangers Devils Ottawa Islanders Montreal Detroit Colorado Dallas San Jose St. Louis Vancouver Phoenix Edmonton
  4. The Rangers can win the stanley cup. They do have the talent. They are maybe one or two defenseman away from being there. the Devils are one or two pieces too. Every team in our conference is missing something, which is why it is so wide open.
  5. Madden, Niedermayer, 2nd rd. for Gratton/Satan.
  6. No way the Devils score more than 2 goals. With that said, 2-1 OT.
  7. He was probably referiing to the Steve Sullivan, Jason Smith, Alyn McCauley trade for Doug Gilmour and Doug Bodger (I think it was)
  8. HellOnICE

    Holik Injured?

    According to other info, Lou doesn't want to go through the hassle of dealing with the illegalities.
  9. I'm sorry, last night was a warning flag. In attendance, it was just awful. Those lines, just don't look they are going to work. Niewendyk is not a number 1 center for Elias. I really do think a trade is needed to bring in an established center, preferablly with size, and a scoring wing. The Sabres maybe wouldn't do it, unless they are desperate or salary dumping. BUT Niedermayer,Madden,2 and/or 3rd,and/or prospect for Gratton/Satan Elias-Gratton-Brylin Satan-Gomez-Friesen Langenbrunner-Niewendyk-Gionta Stevenson-Danton-McKenzie Stevens-Rafalski White-Tvo Daneyko-Zyuzin I like that. Who knows with the salary situation with both teams, especially in Buffalo. This could help us. We could always trade for some utility defense if need be.
  10. HellOnICE

    Holik Injured?

    I just read what the AP reported. That Holik got hit with a puck and went to the hospital. i should no more info in the morning. I did get some other info regarding Holik and his contract this evening. it appears, his agent received a high 6 figure bonus for delievering Holik, which is EXTREMELY Illegal. Just a rumbling I heard.
  11. HellOnICE

    Game Thread

    I was at the game for the first two periods. OMG it was awful. That first line just doesn't click enough for me. They really don't get much going at all. The other lines were just as bad. There is no shot on pretty much all the lines. We need size and and shot. Chris Gratton would be a start. Marty was fine, Daneyko and Niedermayer were god awful. White took two dummmmmmmmmb penalties, and I mean dummmmmmmb. --They aired two commericials for the new advertising campaign. "Devils Hockey. Eat it. Live it. Breathe it." They were actually two good commericials. One had a two guys playing broom hockey all over a supermarket, the other involved a wedding where the woman had her face painted. --Introduced some new graphics on the big board, including new noise getters.
  12. HellOnICE


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