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  1. 1.2 million for a guy that was making 10 million. This is not going to make the players association happy.
  2. I bought way to much stuff, and I am still buying
  3. BMARB

    Write To The Governor

  4. BMARB

    Write To The Governor

    Rut Roh, Looks like this is becoming a political thing
  5. BMARB

    Write To The Governor

    This may be an off- topic related item, but I just wrote to the Governor asking why we can't get signs that say Welcome to New Jersey, home of the Stanley Cup Champions the New Jersey Devils. I had wrote these requests in the past, and of course we still do not have any signs, but wouldn't it be great for the state to honor Our Team. I remember when the world cup was here, and I was traveling from PA back home, and as soon as I got into NJ on route 78 I saw a sign that said welcome to New Jersey home of the World Cup. I am pretty sure that was in 96, after we had already won the Stanley Cup. I think we should all send a letter asking why this can not be done, all you have to do is go to the web site www.state.nj.us/ and then you can send a message to the governor. I know we have the sign at 16 w, but let's get signs all over the major highways for everyone to see. Ratty
  6. For all the home games, I wore the same everything, undies, socks, bra, 2000 Stanley Cup Champs tshirt under my home Peluso jersey, same earings, same Devils Necklace, same 2000 Stanley Cup Champs Hat, Had to have a beer before I sat in my seat, always had my towel in the same pocket, never opened my thundersticks, always had them in the same pocket, money in the same pocket, You name it I did it, Very Weird I know, but I did it in 95 and 00, but not in 01 . Ratty
  7. BMARB

    Marty Gets Vezina

    I need to figure out how to make an Avatar, and who to use.
  8. We have a better chance of seeing the Flygirls or Ranjerks winning the cup
  9. Hey the kicker for the Chargers?.. That's how you spell his name?
  10. I told you I didn't forget you and Mom
  11. Dew, I took care of that for you Got xl, that ok?. If not can go back tomorrow and change. Ratty
  12. Well Dew, I also bought a bunch of shirts at Modells yesterday . So I did not forget you and Mom . I know the Hotel by me for 95 was the Ramada Inn in Clark, 2000 it was the Holiday Inn in Clark, this year I am hoping it's the Crown Plaza in Clark . I need new Stanley Cup Shorts!!! Ratty
  13. Yes they did. I was inundated with guys trying to sell "official" Lockerroom t shirts I thought it was another scam and passed it up. Awww...I wish I had one...btw...me and HockeyMom and BMARB got shirts in the lot in 95...way cheaper and not able to get all of them in stores...ya missed out...me and HM were strolling down memory lane concerning those tshirts...love the one with the roster on the back Dew, You sure we bought those shirts outside?.. I thought for sure we ran upstairs and bought them, as they were selling them right from the boxes?. I do remember buying shirts outside too!!.. Well I bit and bought 2 shirts and 2 hats after the game in the arena $120.00 later, then I bought one in the lot, that is totally different and I Love It. Ratty
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