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  1. Rasmussen??

    The difference between Rasmussen and Marshall is that Marshall had the ability to score a major game-changing or series-changing goal. I have yet to see any inkling of that magic in Rasmussen. Although I like the guy. It's just so difficult when three of the best players on the team are out for an extended period. I agree, though, that he should be on the 4th line and Rupp or a newb should be on the 1st. I guess all this is a moot point if he's out for an extended period after tonight's injury. Think of all the gems we could have posted on other threads instead....
  2. Gretzky's OHL scoring record eclipsed by Tavares

    They showed some clips of Tavares on Coach's Corner this weekend. He looked pretty impressive, even at 15 and in low-def. Whichever record is made or broken, there are always extenuating circumstances that made it possible. Just as the circumstances will never be exactly the same for anyone as it was for Gretzky, a brand new set of circumstances will someday allow another player to break his records.
  3. Hi

  4. Devils are doing great, considering

    I, for one, was truly impressed by the new Devils' play this evening. I know we lost to Toronto (which at least made Don Cherry glad) and that's nothing for us to be happy about. BUT, the team played like a cohesive Devils team. Think about all they've been through over the past month: having to fill Hale's position, then losing Gionta, Madden & Elias (and perhaps even Rasmussen) to injury and having to fill their positions. These young players are having to come in and fill the injured stars' skates at a time in the season when all their opponents are playing desperation hockey. The Devils need to play with some passion, but they can't fall into desperation, and I for one am glad they didn't get desperate during this game. In the end, the post-season is a brand new season. Of course their post-season rank matters to an extent, but it's much more important that the team entering the post-season believes in itself. No matter if that team is ranked first or eighth. Digression: Coaching staff, the Zajac line IS the top line. They were neck-and-neck with the Gomez line when Gionta was still healthy, and they definitely are the top line now that Elias is out too. You don't break up your top line. The Devils have enough change to contend with. Keep your one consistent line together, and they'll continue to score.
  5. Elias Cap For 06-07

    I'd trade Mogilny for a BAG OF PUCKS. And a pizza.
  6. Rags Sign Shanny

    Can't stress enough his locker room presence. The Rangers might have had a different post season and brought more woe to the Devils if they'd had someone like Shanny on their bench.
  7. Five Years!

    Yes, for those of us who don't live in the NJ area this board is fabulous. Thanks to all admins for your work on this grand site.
  8. Is It Just Me?

    It's difficult to do when you're winning. I just hope it's our year again in 2007.
  9. McCabe isn't worth it, Truth is, he's a flawed player

    McCabe 5.5 a year? Why did the owners want a salary cap if they were going to write dumb contracts like this? They're running up the prices already and there's a long, hot, expensive summer ahead.
  10. Maybe we should resign Victor Kozlov

    I don't really want him back. He was so frustrating to watch because he looked like he was giving about 50%. The only reason he should stay is if Lou wants to commit to playing Kozlov on a scoring line and truly thinks he can produce.
  11. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 7pm EDT - OLN,TSN

    I don't want to see all those crazy line combinations that got us 200 offsides calls and muddled offence. Just solid hockey! We can beat them when we play OUR game.
  12. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 3pm EDT - NBC,TSN

    Kozlov was very good (for Kozlov). Maybe this solid game will give his offence a spark. I was so happy with the way Gionta played. He really got in around the net the 1st and 2nd period - and was completely ready for that Gomez pass that went off the Carolina skate. If Gomez hadn't gotten the goal, Gionta would have. I hope this bodes well for his play in the next game.
  13. Devils: Don't blame Marty

    The only way I'd blame Martin is if the score for each game was 5-6 or 6-7 -- where the Devils got plenty of offence and he was swiss cheese. In my opinion he's had stellar periods and mediocre periods during this series. The difference is when he's been stellar, the rest of the team has still been mediocre. He usually plays with such confidence that it's heartbreaking (for me) to see him play with mediocrity. This is what happens when the rest of the team relies too heavily on him. They think, "Well, we have a 1 goal lead with ten minutes to go in the 1st, so we'll just hang onto this and Marty'll stop everything." Well, you can't do that: 1. in the playoffs 2. against a team like Carolina 3. and hope to sustain any sort of momentum
  14. LET'S GO DE-VILS!!!

    I know they can do it. The last two games will only give them inspiration.

    Go Devils! I like the Devils.