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  1. Hi all, Anyone interested in splitting season tickets with me for this upcoming season. My seats are in Section 16 Row 16. Message me if interested. Thanks, Jay
  2. Hi guys, Just throwing out an idea that I had. Would anyone be interested in splitting my full season tickets with me this upcoming season? I have had 2 season tickets for about 5 years now in Section 16 (where the Devils Dancers are). Message me if you are interested and we can discuss. Thanks!
  3. The wife and I can't make it to the game tomorrow, make me an offer!
  4. Hi all, So I tried to surprise my wife by ordering her a Patrik Elias jersey for opening night. When I went to the Devils Den to pick it up on opening night, it looked a little small. When the wife tried it on, it was definitely too small. I went back to the Devils Den and they would not let me exchange it for a bigger size because it was "customized". I am not looking to make any profit, just the amount I paid for the jersey ($144). Would anyone be interested in the jersey? I attached some pictures of the jersey as well. Message me if interested. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey all, I have DISH Network and haven't been able to watch any games on TV for a few years now. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites where I can stream the games? I have used livetv.ru/en & justin.tv in the past, but was wondering if there were any more that I haven't found. By the way, I miss the microwavepizza stream on here! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I need to sell my tickets for Sundays game against the Pens because I'll be in Philly for the away game that weekend. They are in Section 16 Row 16. PM me of interested.
  7. I got the $500 food and beverage credit & the ice cream social suite for the Carolina game.
  8. Hey guys, Got 2 tickets, section 16 row 16 for sale. Asking $120 for both. Let me know if you're interested. I can bring the tickets to the game tonight. Thanks!
  9. I won't be able to make it this year, I'll be on my helicopter ride to MSG for the Devils vs Rangers game :-D
  10. Where's the live stream? The one I use isn't airing it.
  11. I have DISH and I get the NHL Network channel. Is this being aired on any network other than Versus? Thanks!
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