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  1. One thing i learned from the Marty signing tonight.. Is be careful what you say about him on here, Marty is always watching! lol

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    2. Demonic26


      no clue. maybe from what i was saying in the Marty signing thread or something. i dunno

    3. Random Poster

      Random Poster

      Maybe he's keeping tabs on us game worn/used collectors and auto collectors for his own reasons lol

    4. Quinn01


      Thatd be nice. There was a dude there that got 2 sticks a box full, literally, of photos signed...clearly they are going up on ebay. He didnt look like a hockey fan either. There were a few people there that clearly were just getting signatures to put up on ebay. I like the signed jerseys to much to sell. I want then for myself.

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