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  1. There will be a goal from the fourth line.
  2. Yeah I though if you kick it straight in...no goal. HOWEVER if you kick the puck and the puck hits ANYTHING else prior to going into the net (I.e. stick, goalie, etc) it would then count
  3. Ruutu with 3 points in 3 games, right?
  4. I highly doubt the devils management would be the only ones responsible for canceling a game due to weather...
  5. He knows what he was doing....this will be interesting
  6. Mother of God this is so disappointing...freaking put out greene, zidlicky, and gelinas as the anchor so he can blast a hole through the goalies chest.
  7. Rebound hit off of atkinsons leg and deflected in...what is he supposed to do? Reach all the way accross his body and grab it with the glove? C'mon people
  8. Ill take 3 pts in a back to back all day...wish someone could score though, geez
  9. Gelinas needs to play. Solid game.
  10. You think it hit the post Steve?
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