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  1. Enjoy your dream world. It's on schedule to come crashing down on or about November 1.
  2. Souray is way too injury-prone. Sopel, Ference and Markov are all second rate. Of course, chances are Lou won't make an offer on any of them anyway. Remember, this is the new "fiscally responsible" Lou! I remeber 2006 too. We still had Gomez, Rafalski and Lukowich. We got an unbelievable season from Parise, Zajac and Langs. Are those things going to happen this year?
  3. If he signs Hinote, I'll shut up and give Lou the benefit of the doubt. But otherwise, there are no other D's out there that could really help this team.
  4. Congrats, Lou. We're now looking at possibly the worst Devils team ever. Real bang-up job! I wouldn't be half suprised if Marty asks to be traded by the deadline.
  5. Personally I think Lou's lost him mind, and I don't mean that figuretively. I'm seriously starting to think he's had a nervous breakdown or something. Maybe the lockout was just too much on him , but since then you could probably count the number of rational decisions he's made on one hand.
  6. Hale was doing just fine on a 3rd pairing. Oduya is not the same kind of D, so in my book they shouldn't really be compared. The main thing hampering his development was that Julien obviously didn't like him. My problem with that is that I don't think Julien is a very good coach, and I don't think he'll be here very long. As for Matvichuk, he's too expensive for the Devils to afford. At this point in his career he's a pretty average D, and his lack of speed was pretty apparent last year. The smart move would have been to send Matvichuk someplace for a pick (or whatever you could get) at the d
  7. Big congrats to Zach. Looks like he's reached his projected career potential in only two years, and there may be more to come. What I really love about this kid is his work ethic - he just never quits. He's also very responsible defensively. Can't say enough good stuff about him, he should be a Devil for life.
  8. It was a dumb trade, period. Hale still has a long way to go in his development, but most D's with his size can't skate well enough to stick in the NHL anymore. But that's ok, I'm sure that late 3rd rounder will land us one hell of a hockey player in this year's incredibly "strong" draft! Besides, Tara Lipinsky has been improving abit lately. I'm sure Tommy Albelin would be proud to see her wearing his old number!
  9. Nice avatar! Tri - If Pihlman were picked up on waivers, he wouldn't count against our cap. That makes him a safer bet than Marshall, who would count if he were claimed - even though it's unlikely either would be.
  10. Why remove it? Although it's not totally accurate... it should be "some idiot with a blog".
  11. Someone needs to get Chico a book on english grammar.
  12. A major deal is unlikely, and a minor acquisition is difficult because of the cap situation. A blockbuster could happen because it would have a lot of cap space going the other way, but a minor acquistion is probably impossible since NJ can't add any more salary. There's no option to trade a pick for a depth guy this year. I doubt anything happens at all.
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