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  1. Dear Devils Army,

    Soon the puck will drop for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the LA Kings and your NJ Devils. I am insanely confident in our team. Not because we're 2-0 against them in the regular season. Not because we have the most winningest goalie in history. Not because the last 3 teams to elimnate The Flyers went on to win the cup. Not because this is the 3rd time we've eliminated the Flyers and the first two times we won the cup. Not because this is the 3rd time we've faced a 12-2 team for the cup in the finals and won the first two times. And certainly not "Because It's the Cup".

    But because...they're The Devils.

    Let's Go Devils!

  2. lol really? what was the conclusion? I really don't go on HF Boards because my anti-virus software goes nuts with that site.

    That Devils fans are whiners and still using the old huge pads excuse.

    I brought it up...but honestly, I never knew there was a 'huge pads excuse' illegal thing before the lockout. I sat there watching the game last night and thought to myself, "Lundquist has huge pads".

    You gotta read the thread, it's gold lol

  3. Rangers fans are coming out of the woodwork.


    I wonder if coaches are allowed during the game to have the goalie equipment measured like how they do with the stick curves. I wonder if Lundqvist is wearing regulation-sized pads during games.

    Check out the HFBoards thread, this was debated for like 15 pages.

  4. Let's Give It Up For The Rangers Shall We?

    Game 1 of the Conference Finals and they shut out The Devils. All it took was some diving, roughing, slashing, tripping, complaining to the Refs and hand passes (of the 10 second duration variety) to pull it off.

    How come The Devils never play like this? Don’t they wanna win? Come on Devils! Get on their level!

    And what’s up with Brodeur? He needs to be like Lundquist and wear bigger pads and bulkier gear.

    A lil luck wouldn’t hurt either.

    Come on Devils! Play like you want The Cup!

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