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  1. Got an email but they sold out by the time I could check it. Like 50 seats were available apparently. :-(
  2. this warms my heart
  3. if we win the cup, i definitely wouldnt say he doesnt deserve credit. or any back up on any other teams that's played at least one game for that matter. same goes for our time with clemmy <3
  4. That pic makes me feel bad for Hedberg the more I analyze it. But then I'd have to feel bad for every backup goalie ever I guess, right...?
  5. https://twitter.com/#!/ThatsJustPrime/status/198250063863095296 EDIT: I'll save you guys 2 seconds:
  6. wish i could go through all of them lol but i did post my favorites on my blog and its funny how the penguins fans are the only team that complains lol http://be-mad.tumblr.com/post/22336328465/2012-nhl-playoff-photoshop-pics-animated-gifs
  7. capitals are my second favorite team. ovechkin is my favorite nhl player to watch ever.
  8. I need to read this forum more often before a game starts. The lack of optimism and defeatism makes our wins taste that much better!
  9. man, this intermission sucks. i dunno if its just viastat but these guys cant even get names right
  10. never seen this sutter kid, but everyone keeps talking about him. is this him?
  11. All of our home games this series will be filled with orange.
  12. every single goal they scored on us in all 7 games was a ppg right?
  13. I actually didn't think Sal got hurt at all really.
  14. damn, i wish we had more days off like the flyers did :-/
  15. Zajac..so much swag. Look at how he handles the puck. My god.
  16. I'd say The Devils did 90% of the work tonight...the crowd the other 10%. This should have been the last game of the series honestly.
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