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  1. The last time the Devils won 2 games in a round 2 playoff series was 2003 when we last won a Cup.

    It gets better.

    Every time we've won 2 games in a second round playoff series since 1995 we made it to the Finals.

    EVERY time we've won 2 games in a second round playoff series we've at least made it to the Conference Finals. 88, and 94.

    Every second round elimination in Devils history we've only won a single game in each of those 3 that we've been eliminated from.

  2. Let’s not get too carried away. While the Devils played a great game, the flyers obvious did not bring their A game last night. Game 3 will be very different

    this warms my heart

  3. +1

    This game showed me the Flyers are beatable. I don't know if it was about the Devils shutting them down defensively and tactically or it was just an off-night for the Flyers, but I was really excited last night. By far the Devils' best game of these playoffs. It's worth noting the Flyers haven't scored less than 2 goals in their previous games this postseason.


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