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  1. I didn't notice how much swag Kovalchuk had on that last one till now
  2. That was the funniest loose puck ever. We should be OWNING these guys.
  3. LOL @ "The Junior---er. I mean the German League"
  4. That's a very good point actually.
  5. Honestly, I like hockey...don't keep track of the rules and I forget what offsides is sometimes...but I think I can say...Zidlicky shoulda been able to stop that. And now we're tied.
  7. I knew Zubrus was gonna score the moment they mentioned his scoreless last 13 games. And I knew Tampa was gonna regain the lead 10 seconds later. And then we'd tie it up 5 minutes later.
  8. Sorry. I'm just so hyped...just slapping around every Eastern team in sight!
  9. I miss when we were amazing. Or at least didn't disappoint the fans every other game and the games in between.
  10. I don't care if disliking how we played tonight makes me a bad fan or a bandwagon fan, but you'd have to be pretty blind to be 'okay' with how we did. I don't care if it's the Bruins...usually, they blow teams out and we had 'em 1-0 in the 3rd.
  11. Is that a normal tactic? I wouldn't have had an empty net back to back.
  12. we can never hold a lead anymore
  13. man, it sucked being at the rock tonight! I knew we were gonna lose, but I didn't expect so many Bruins fans. I thought I was in Boston. I couldn't even be mad at what the Bruins fans behind me were saying. They were pretty nice guys though. Knew the sport better than I did. EDIT: didn't think my post went through earlier! but yeah, ive had no prob with rangers fans either...just flyer fans.
  14. Man it sucked being in the arena tonight! The Bruins fans behind me were classy...kept joking with their Devils fan friend....but people were leaving in droves.
  15. Damn...Rangers beat them 6-1 the other night...but a win is a win.
  16. Would you have done $20? I'm talking in the past tense because the answer is probably no and I was going to ask hours ago when the Devils were selling tickets for $30 and a $10 food card.
  17. What's the lowest you'd go sans parking pass? Or is it all or nothing?
  18. Is there anywhere to watch the Canes game....like would a bar in NJ play it?
  19. $10 The topic title got chopped :-/ $10 and I think it's $1 hot dog night.
  20. I bought seven...people bailed...but yeah,we'd meet face to face. and then I would grab the food cards and give you yours. No need to buy all four.
  21. OMG...I had the biggest losers sitting behind me last night. Well, one of them. All he could do is make fun of Brodeur...and whenever we scored, they all got up and left and would come back. Then the one guy was talking about how we stole the "You Suck" chant from the Rangers. And when we did the "Rangers Suck" chant, the same dude would go..."Well, they're winning the game they have right now by a pretty good margin..." I wanted to get up and slap him in the face.
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