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  1. We can only be scored on with the help of power plays and linesmen.
  2. Read these comments http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2011/02/riding_seven-game_win_streak_d.html#incart_hbx
  3. Ohhhhh....Tickets at the top. THe whole time I was clicking on Promos.
  4. Thanks man. I'm trying to start from the main page get to the page on my own lol
  5. What is this thread about? Maybe I posted in the wrong one and should make my own thread for my question.
  6. How do I buy college night tickets? I wanted to sign up for a My Devils account with my school email but it said to call...and when I did it said an account was just for Season ticket holders.
  7. Wait...there's a turbo button in NHL11?
  8. Are we doing amazing or are the Caps sucking?????
  9. haha, thanks guys...i need to post more...POD is post of the day right? Or does 'd' mean decade? :-)
  10. Look at the Devils Roster. Kovy is on it. Now look at his contract. Back at the Roster. Kovy is gone. So is the contract. I'm on a horse.
  11. where would you watch this on dish network and direct tv?
  12. this is my first thread and I forgot about it....it hit 2 pages, yay. But yeah, I didn't see a NETJIOT anywhere and made a whole new thread...there are tons of threads on here that see repetitive. anyway, thanks to those who provided input
  13. IF he could leave whatever contract he had for a minute
  14. Really??? I feel like theres so much season left lol
  15. It should be a free ticket to another game against the lightning lol
  16. So if you're the kinda person who saves their tickets, I guess you gotta hand them over to relinquish that free game thing maybe. The seats should suck...I don't think people are really entitled to a cheaper game or a free game. They should just hand out free stuff on Sunday and call it a day. I wonder if people will be in Sunday at all.
  17. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2009/12/nj_devils_goaltender_martin_br_2.html Comments are harsh!
  18. im an NHL noob still, but what determines if we keep it a tie or go for a shootout? The Case For the Shootout: # Nothing matches the tension, anticipation and thrill of a shootout. Considering the price of an NHL ticket these days, fans deserve great entertainment, and the shootout is a heck of a great show. # Does the NHL want more people in the seats and more fans watching at home? The shootout is fast, exciting, delivers immediate results and is easy for casual fans to follow. # The NHL needs goals. Scoring has declined since the 1980s and most teams play a boring, defense-first style. Hockey is supposed to be about scoring. The shootout returns goal-scoring to its rightful place at the center of the game. # What's wrong with change? Hockey is an evolving game. The forward pass was illegal until 1911. Regular season overtime began in 1983. Change is good, especially if it makes the spectators happy. # The shootout could be accompanied by other changes, which would encourage teams to win the game in regulation time. For example, what if every game is worth three points? If it's decided in overtime or in a shootout, the winning team gets two points and the losing team gets one. But if a team wins the game in regulation time it gets all three points. # The shootout would not replace overtime in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It would only be used to decide regular season games, and only after five minute of overtime. The Case Against the Shootout: # The shootout may be fun, but it isn't hockey. Hockey is a team game, not a series of breakaways. Players have to earn scoring chances by outworking and out-skating opponents. # The shootout is a gimmick, the equivalent of deciding a baseball game with a home run contest or breaking a football tie by having quarterbacks throw the ball through a tire. # Martin Brodeur works his butt off all night, stops 40 shots and salvages a 1-1 tie for his team. Two minutes later he's a loser because he couldn't stop a couple of guys on free breakaways. How fair is that? # What's wrong with a tie? If teams can't decide a winner after 65 minutes of hockey, a tie is a just result. # The shootout is a great novelty, nothing more. That novelty would soon wear thin and players and fans on the losing end of shootouts would feel cheated. # Another change to the game means more complications in the NHL standings. SOL (shootout losses) would replace ties. More points would be handed out, making historical comparisons between teams even more difficult. Player stats would require yet another category for shootout goals and saves. http://printscan.about.com/od/printerscannerreviews/tp/Multifunction-Top-Picks.--2F.htm I like the shootout....I don't like how the deciding factor of a game lies on the shoulders of a handful of teammates when this is a team sport.
  19. shoulda went to the game....it sucks cuz u go to so many bad ones and then you're turned off...well, some people...and then you don't go to a bunch unless its college/family night or a Cup game or something....I started watching during the Shootout and im getting texts saying we shoulda went.
  20. Section 109 was pretty bare...I hear people always leave their seat and sit in the company seats down below after the 1st period. The puck to the face of the Ottawa player looked bad, I felt bad for the player...I liked when Marty was helping clean the blood off the ice in 3rd or 2nd period for another bloody Ottawa incident though. Man the game was exciting.
  21. THought it was no Marty tonight? Anyone ever buy tickets without using ticketmaster to avoid the fees?
  22. wonder how things will be when all the others return
  23. i should have went to this game instead of play call of duty
  24. Refs were in the way waaaay too much....one checked his fingers to see if they got cut off. I coulda sworn NY got a goal in the third, but the replay was awesome how it was parallel to the red line and never went in
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