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  1. yeah I hung out after the sharks game, it's kind of sloppy but whatever.
  2. nice man. which olympic picture do you have? I got him, langs, and pavelski to sign an 8x10 of this one but I'm thinking of doing it over and getting a 16x20 of it.
  3. am i the only person who liked that devils song? obviously its terrible with lyrics but i kinda like the cheesiness of it, certainly 10x better than hells bells techno
  4. you mean resigns as in throws in the towel right? as opposed to re-signs.
  5. yeah this was my first time and it was a blast. got my 552 picture and ticket signed, a couple kovy pics, elias, langs, pl3, martin, zajac...got my pic of mottau punching avery signed too hahah the usher told me it was done and i showed mottau the pic and he motioned to bring it here...imo zajac was the most jovial to talk to. missed clarkie zubie and parise though my friend brought a poster of parise and was asking other players to draw on the pretty boys' face...white, fraser, and martin declined. langs opened it up with a mustache, then PL3 gave him a nice rolston-esque soul patch, zajac wasn't sure what to do so we told him to give him devil horns and he did, and danis gave him a nice black eye. would've been cool to show zach but maybe next time
  6. if you want 2 items signed, you need 2 tickets correct?
  7. wow looks like box office prices go up $2 for uppers as well.
  8. yeah, how did you hear that? also when?
  9. someone on hfboards: "they were saying 'boo-urns' "
  10. anyone still selling? PM me.
  11. did anyone here end up at hells kitchen after the game? i was hammered there. the firemen with the bagpipes came through, it was a great time
  12. I actually might get a jersey or two from this site to play hockey in. to wear to a game...not so much
  13. love the fact that we're the only team besides detroit that doesn't have a 3rd jersey (if you don't count the winter classic). i like honoring the green too even though i don't like them, retro is cool...even if it honors the dark days of losing a lot.
  14. rmt5034 in 100 years: "guys, should i get home or away............"
  15. yeah, i had a ratty old brodeur white jersey for a long time before i found a good deal on a CCM elias from fansedge.com, finally got a throwback parise (wanted blank, but my want for any throwback before 3/17 was greater) once clarkson re-signs, that'll be my first edge...probably replica
  16. ah dammit! I want a blank one for the 17th but I guess I'll have to settle for a named jersey...probably Parise
  17. Agreed. Also all the Modell's around here seem to only have Parise, Elias, and Brodeur...no blank jerseys :/
  18. man, i went to modell's on market st. in newark today, all souped up to get my jersey. first I parked almost under the prudential center on one of those side streets....I go in and not only do they not have the throwbacks, they have a grand total ONE jersey one the rack and a bunch of t-shirts and junior jerseys. Wow. So I go back to my car and I got a $104 ticket for parking in a handicapped parking space which wasn't marked!!! Supposedly there was a sign at the beginning of the street. son of a b.
  19. love the green hat, but the code expired D:
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