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  1. Preseason refs in regular season form... 😭
  2. really great setup CR!
  3. Aznjsn

    Draft 2023

    Lol what a fail that was. Ruined that kids draft moment lmao
  4. Great for us, good for Severson, good luck CBJ lol.
  5. DeBoer must be speechless in that locker room
  6. That fake between the legs goal by Barkov was nasty lol.
  7. It's almost as bad as feeling as the bernier major penalty we took in the 2012 final, but at least this one was competitive. Missed wide open opportunities and dug ourselves a hole too big this time. We will shed some dead weight this off-season (hopefully) and these guys will grow together from this. I'm glad we beat the Rangers in comeback fashion though. That itself is something to remember and it was great to see it live, waving their dejected fans who paid hundred of dollars to get shut out, out of our building. We are in a way better position with our young talent than most teams, so let's just ride this wave. We ain't crashing here. GG fellas
  8. Schmid did his job but the rest of this team just couldn't do it. Well we didn't expect to be here right now but bye Severson and good luck with that contract Bratt.
  9. Are you kidding me, why did Tatar even pass back to him and wtf Siegs
  10. Schmid is keeping us in here. Let's go boys, time for someone to step up and end this baby
  11. These last minute goals are really getting ridiculous
  12. Um maybe clear the crease Siegs
  13. Severson.. can't say I'm even surprised. What a bonehead giveaway at the end there
  14. If Graves didn't get just a sliver of that puck like he did just now, that was going in on a wide open net. Woof
  15. VV did his job in the regular season and we wouldn't be where we are right now without those heroics.. Same for Schmid.. But at the end of the day, this is what the difference is between a true 1A and 1B goalie and what wins a Stanley Cup. Being able to stand tall on your end, keep your team in the game and make the timely saves when not one would believe in you. I would NOT be surprised if Lindy throws in Blackwood, because at this point, you've exhausted all your options. By the way, is Jonathan Bernier ever gonna come off LITR??
  16. Smith needs to come out and no more of this seven defensemen who can't even cover the front of the net anyways
  17. This was a bad coaching decision to start VV. After last game we should've started Schmid after those softies from last game. We cant win every game by scoring 8
  18. Alright Nose we get it, but c'mon Haula of all people lol
  19. Hm so how come Siegs couldn't do that for himself in Game 1 when the cane player ripped it off his head? Led to a GAA so just curious
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