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  1. Dutch are out. We really made a fool of ourselves. Won't spend another minute watching the Euros. May the best team win as long as that best team is not Portugal, Spain, France or England.
  2. Germany is my favorite to win it all as well. They are so talented they can even afford to keep Gotze on the bench. When the Dutch get eliminated, I'll probably end up rooting for Sweden or Denmark assuming they make it out of the first round. If not, I wouldn't mind seeing Italy going all the way again after some rough years. Even Germany would be ok with me if they keep playing like this, they totally deserve it. The only teams I don't want to win are Spain (the obvious reason: they beat us in the WC 2010 Final) and France, who I lost all my respect for at said World Cup.
  3. And the Dutch can still advance to the second round. But we don't deserve it after today's humiliation. The loss against the Danish was bad luck, this was just plain bad. The score could/should have been higher, our defense is such a joke. On a positive note, only 1 more game and then we will say goodbye to our coach and hopefully get one who has the balls to not play Van Persie.
  4. Let's go Devils! I probably won't get any work done this morning, but that's fine: just win!
  5. It's 1 pm in Sydney and I just woke my hungover flatmate up with my screaming. This feels so great! Just have to pretend for 2 more weeks that I'm working in the office while really watching Devils' hockey. I really hope my boss won't find out.
  6. Got the Metal Gear Solid HD collection a week ago. As a huge fan of the series it's great to play these games again after so many years plus I finally get to play Peace Walker (which I never did since it was only released on the PSP). Although the games look better than ever in HD, they haven't aged well. The controls as well as the fixed camera perspective (Metal Gear Solid 2) just are not up to the standards of today's games. There are also some other problems, like lip syncing not matching, which I didn't mind 10 years ago but now is just frustrating. But all this cannot make me forget how much fun these games are.
  7. Good review of one of the best films of the year! And kudos to the Academy for the nomination for best screenplay! Saw The Artist the other day and loved it! I was convinced Hugo would be my favorite film of the year, but The Artist is really making it difficult for me.
  8. I am Dutch and have lived in the Netherlands all my life until I moved to London two years ago. Gamecenter didn't work over here, so I have always watched Devils game through livestreams which were actually pretty good most of the time. Now that I live in London and have a real job, I can't stay up for all games anymore. But when I can, I still use live streams.
  9. Guessing from your description that's M:I-2, with its trademark John Woo slow motions. Yeah, that was a bad movie. But like I said, I didn't get into the series until the third part which was really good. It features a lot of running by Tom Cruise (he sure can run) but also Philip Seymour Hoffman as bad guy which is a good enough reason to give it a look.
  10. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2012 will be a great year for blockbusters: the trailers for The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises and Promotheus left me counting down the days until these movies finally hit the cinema. The bad news is that the first of these movies won't show until June. The good news is that Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is now in the theatres and is as good a blockbuster as I've seen in a while. It's entertaining from start to finish and sets the bar high for the 2012 blockbusters. To be honest, I never really cared for the Mission: Impossible franchise until J.J. Abrams directed M:I-3 in 2006 which was easily only one of the best action movies of that year. This time Abrams is only on as a producer, leaving directing duties to Brad Bird, whose previous directorial credits only include a couple of Simpsons episodes and the Pixar movies The Incredibles and Ratatouille. I couldn't be more excited when I saw Bird's name on the filmposter as he has done The Incredibles which contains similar themes and is action packed as well. Bird proves with his live action debut that there is no difference between animation and live action as Ghost Protocol is an action movie full of great and original set pieces from Budapest to Mumbai. It is fun as well. Although the characters are only stereotypes, the actors have a good chemistry and make it all believe, although it is really over-the-top. Think of Tom Cruise what you want but the guy was made for these movies, Simon Pegg is the comic relief who actually is funny and Jeremy Renner is his usual cool self. The story might not be original (but what action movie nowadays has an original story?), the bad guy is as bland as they come, and I definitely could have done without the "twist" at the end... But these are hardly negatives when a movie is this entertaining from start to finish.
  11. I didn't like the first Sherlock Holmes but thought Game of Shadows was actually worse. It was less funny (if that was even possible), the plot was all over the place and nearly impossible to follow and there were even more sloooooow mooooootions. I guess Guy Ritchie is just not my type of director. I enjoyed Lock, Stock... and Snatch as much as anybody but haven't seen anything good from him since. I totally agree with you on Hugo, the best movie of the year so far. Although I think it's Scorsese's best since Casino which I actually prefer to Goodfellas. Have you seen Hugo in 3D by the way? Anybody else thinking 2012 will be a great year for blockbusters? The trailers of The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and, best of all, Promotheus were all released last week and have gotten me pretty excited already.
  12. Hugo Martin Scorsese's latest is a long overdue love letter to film and pure cinematic magic from beginning to end. The first scene of the film where the title character and location are introduced is quite simply brilliant. Maybe it's the Parisian landscape but it reminded me so much of the start of Moulin Rouge, another movie that sucks you in right from the start and never lets go. The story might not seem like typical Scorsese at first but actually it is: it's about the magic of filmmaking. You can tell how much fun cinephile Scorsese has had during the filming of the movie. There are numerous shots that pay homage to films from the 1900s as well as actual footage of those films throughout the movie. Even though every shot is so detailed, full of life and carefully framed, the real evidence of Scorsese as a great director is the 3D. This is not just a gimmick but it actually adds value to the film. It's one of the best uses of 3D I have ever seen. I won't say it's better than Avatar but supposedly James Cameron thought so. The acting is strong throughout. Ben Kingsley is dependable as always and the young actors are decent enough. Sacha Baron Cohen might seem a weird choice but his character's redemptive arc prevents him from becoming just a caricature. One final note has to be made about editor Thelma Schoonmaker. As great a director as Scorsese is, his films would probably not be this good without his long time collaborator, who once again does a beautiful job with Hugo. Even though I still have to see a whole lot of films from 2011, Hugo just might end up being my best film of the year. Well done Marty, well done!
  13. Saw Moneyball yesterday and it's instantly one of my favorites films of the year. Great story of the general manager of the 2002 Oakland Athletics who went on a 20 game winning streak. It's a weird thing that for a sports movie, there isn't much sports involved at all. Most of it takes place off the field and not on it. Weirdly enough that's actually what makes this sports movie interesting. Add in the terrific script by Aaron Sorkin and good performances by Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill and it's a must see film, even if you know nothing about baseball.
  14. Saw The Rum Diary but wasn't too impressed. Loved the book but don't think it was a very good adaptation. I was especially disappointed in the dance scene as it was brilliantly written, but in the movie it's over before you know. The movie just seemed to cash in on Hunter S. Thompson fans and the success of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which was a way better film that this. Johnny Depp is a great actor but he seems to take the safe route lately and take on roles that are more or less the same and it's getting tired already.
  15. Funny what a difference a couple of days make. I finished Arkham City over the weekend and now I definitely consider it to be as great as Arkham Asylum if not better. I still think the story telling is flawed, but it's just so much damn fun playing with Batman and Catwoman. The side missions are actually a great addition to the game and are perhaps even more interesting than the main quest itself, though I would definitely recommend finishing the story first before taking on these missions. Yes, Arkham Asylum would be my game of 2011 if not for... Uncharted 3... Ok, to be fair, it is not better than Uncharted 2. The story is very similar and that game had more 'holy sh!t, did that just really happen?' moments, but still... WOW! I finished the game in one take, I just couldn't put the controller down (although technically I had a 5 minute break for a dinner of Pringles and Coke). The settings may look very reminiscent of the first two games but the game play has definitely improved with better combat moves, better weapons, harder puzzles and a less frustrating boss battle (the only part where Uncharted 2 failed!).
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