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    History, home theater, hockey (Devils), football (Jets), and many more interests...... I need more time and fewer hobbies!

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You wanna know pain? I was a New Jersey Devils fan before there even was a New Jersey Devils! When it was announced that the Rockies were planning a move to New Jersey, I became a Rockies fans in anticipation of their move to Jersey. Yup, since around 1981 baby. Those years of losing have been well-rewarded. Thank you Lou!!!


Who am I? I'm a military historian, a recent father of two new Devils fan (one boy and one girl), and the husband of a former Thrashers fan. Poor lady.... I feel for her.

So who are you? Tell me about yourself and I'll give you a reward.*

*-all rewards subject to supply, misinformation, and general lies by provider (eg- AEWHistory). Reward will take 6 to 6,000 weeks to arrive by mail. No proof of shipping will be provided. Please direct all complaints to Eastern Airlines, P.O. Box 1, Merdeinabox, FU, 66613. Because of mailing restrictions we cannot ship internationally. We also cannot ship to APO and FPO addresses. unfortunately we cannot ship outside or inside the CONUS. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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