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  1. Twins are now two! They have little Devils onesies, so the indoctrination has begun. Soon they will be old enough to learn the game. I've already had them stare at the screen during games so soak in the greatness that is Devils hockey. Now how the hell am I going to afford season tickets when they get serious?! Oh well, I suppose that's why G-d gave us two kidneys: one to use and one to sell off for devils season tickets.

    1. Pepperkorn
    2. aylbert



      My kid will be 2 in May. He already cheers hockey... but yells goal out randomly when watching. Every night we say goodnight and bobble Elias, Langenbrunner, PariseX2, Brodeur and Donald the Duck ice skating bobble heads... twice. Then touch each stick. Then skates. ha

  2. My twins turned one yesterday. Wow! Raising small Devil fans is a humbling responsibility. The very future of the franchise rests in my hands.

    1. Derlique


      Yes it is. Dont screw it up!

      Haha congrats

    2. aylbert


      Hopefully not an Ari Ahonen type future. congrats!

  3. I've been meaning to ask what the basis/meaning of your name is? My grandmother grew up in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (born 1908) and she used to talk about the Carpathian mountains. Being not too far from her village in Transylvania. Anyway, just curious.

  4. No one ever says hello to me..... :(. Must be my BO. I don't understand, I showered last month!

  5. is in New Jersey.... and always will be!

    1. AEWHistory


      Still in New Jersey.

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