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  1. This is can be said to most of his posts.
  2. I have an idea. Lets all wait until Shero does something before we say he's a bust or not.
  3. TMZ is whats wrong with our society...
  4. Just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning...
  5. http://espn.go.com/nhl/playoffs/2012/story/_/id/7911788/new-york-rangers-versus-new-jersey-devils brunside picked us!!!
  6. whos been worst in the playoffs the past 7 years? Sharks or Devils??
  7. at a cheep price i would take him back all he has to do is pass the puck to kovy.
  8. Fred Garvin

    Kicking rule

    Everything off the body should be a GOAL ,that will stop these Bullsh!t calls.
  9. My now bald uncle gave me my first Devils hat when i was around 4 somewhere around the 94 playoffs. I really dont remember. But my first game was not until 99, when the devils first played Nashville. Since then I cannot stop watching... So I blame him...
  10. Fred Garvin


    Okay again why do we have to compare marty to hank??? Come on stop they are two different goalies. Just enjoy some great hockey between two great goalies. Thought i hope the queen has his knee rip apart.
  11. Fred Garvin


    I just want to point out some stats about Brodeur. 51% of the devils franchise wins (649/1250) 58% if you just count just the Devils (649/1110) More wins than 7 NHL teams. Two of which have won a Cup. Just something to think about.
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