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  1. LOL - we have a few teachers coming up from Woodbridge and they said the same thing. I know as the day goes by more and more people are going to show up. Many of which plan on taking the traid or a DD. haha
  2. ::: this just in from your Arena Lounge PR guy:::: Hey guys - it was great meeting some of you this weekend at the Arena Lounge. I hope that the upcoming homegames result in a better outcome next time! I can't take another weekend like that! I'm sure the team will gel soon enough. Real quick - this Friday the Arena Lounge is holding its annual Oktoberfest! Since every Devils fan is a beer drinker, I figured you all may be interested. Here's the scoop: This Friday, October 9 Starts at 3pm End at 3am $5 gets you an official Arena Lounge Oktoberfest pint-mug that you can take home with you That mug gets you reduced pricing on all beer and exclusive access to the Arena Lounge brew Beer as cheap as $2 (no, not Pabst) per draft with your mug Free Parking Around 50 beers to choose from Teachers are welcome ( we love teachers ) The Devils Legion Card 15% discount applies! Ok - that's it! Any questions - just message me!
  3. Wait wait - she got carded at the Arena Lounge or at the Prudential Center or where??
  4. Interesting - we here at Arena were in the middle of the Red afterparty and saw a half dozen cars fly over to the Prudential. I didn't realize Flyer fans were such meatheads. I have been to Philly and enjoyed the historic and south st districts - I did get a little heat for being a Cowboys fan - but people going to other stadiums just to cause trouble is wrong. Scream and shout and cheer allyou want - but violence and heckling? Come on. This reminds me of the English hooligans or whatever they are called that are banned from leaving the country during Euro Soccer championships because of all the crap they start.
  5. WHere the hell did someone get carded for a coke? BTW - I heard tons of good things about the Crawl. My Car decided to choke out on me - and I only arrived at Arena at 6PM!!! :-/ I took a few shots of the crowd, not sure who was crawl and who was just there - but I'll be back tonight for the Rangers game. Any of you going?
  6. Hey - if any of you guys need any help with Opening Day, the Bar Crawl or the Rangers game - let me know. Arena is all set for Saturday - how long is everyone staying at each bar? Are you guys wearing any Bar-Crawl Tees?
  7. For those of you that are Cowboys fans... we are having a bit of a army like gathering at Arena this Sunday. The Cowboys play the Giants at the new Stadium at 8pm... my phone and facebook have not been lit up like this since the playoffs... so ... the decision was to get everyone to go to one central place... Arena has 9 Flat Screen TV's... thus.. ARENA WINS... I think the list is somehwere at 30 Giants fans and 10 Cowboys fans... I NEED HELP!!!! (BTW - the staff here are Cowboys fans haha.. my influence is greater than yours.. )
  8. ---- We got an update from your friendly Neighborhood Arena Lounge PR Guy ---- Rumors hot on the wire: There will be a live band playing at the Arena Lounge hours before the game on OPENING DAY to kick off and send off the bar crawl... kinda beats a DJ and is one hell of a way to party... Discounted Bud, Bud light, Miller Lite and More beers from 11-4 on Opening Day with an outdoor bar for the sidewalk.... The Lounge officially got 10 beers on the frozen tap and this year has LandShark as the newest addition... Last item: We're going to be taking a TON of pics of the best fans year during pre-games and word has it they'll be posted on the www.thearenalounge.com website's DEVILS ONLY page that is going up soon, with prizes for Best fan and Sexiest fan--- over and out.
  9. This is an official news announcement from you friendly neighborhood Arena Lounge PR Guy----- New for this year: Get 20% off your parking when you spend $40 on your tab at the Arena Lounge!! All you need to do is park at ANY J&L Parking lot, grab your coupon from the attendant, pre-game at Arena and hand in your discount! THAT'S IT! So what does mean, like, mathematically speaking? 1 - You just spent $20 on parking. 2 - You spent $40 on beers and grub 3 - You just got back $4 just for being a customer. (that's one whole beer!!!) This offer is available TO ANYBODY. Not just season tix holders! CHEERS!
  10. LOL - we do not believe in controlled pours. We believe in drinks purchases, ya dig? Just be kind to the bartenders, and they'll be kinder to you. (TIP) There's like a thousand drink specials all the time haha I can't keep track but I did a survey. We are the best deal all around. Some people seem cheaper, but they underpour or serve you in short glasses. Do not be fooled. I think our GG and Cran is 8-9, I believe 8. I gotta check. I deeply enjoy Jaegarbombs. They are liquid heaven. You gotta ask for our signature shot: the Apple Bomb. :-) Trust me... you will not walk very well after 3. What's it in? Order and you shall see.
  11. More than likely you can get free parking at the Arena Lounge lot. I don' think they will be putting event pricing, which means free. :-)
  12. Granted - this is a hockey site but.. I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. (jersey doesn't have a home team. If we did, there would be a J next that N with those teams in the Swamp). I am excited! Fall is just great aint it? Hockey AND NFL.. it's not non-stop violence and wings. :=) BTW - anyone else catching football games with me at Arena on Sunday? They got the Direct TV NFL Ticket!
  13. Daneyko - you gonna visit "home" (Arena Lounge) or no?
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