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  1. So what playoff spot do we want, really?

  2. Anyone want to buy a locker room ECC t-shirt and hat for me and ship to Australia? fvckers won't ship them over to me :(

    1. newjerseydamo


      i did.. but must of been too soon. just checked again and can get them. will order them! cheers :D

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  3. Goon was actually a pretty good hockey comedy flick.

  4. Anybody know a good place to get an Authentic Parise USA Jersey?

    1. newjerseydamo


      they arent the olympic jerseys on usahockey.com, they only have youth or toddler.

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  5. I have heard that an announcement of a Parise signing is imminent, this week or next. Just a rumor though.

  6. The Devils feed on Gamecenter just broke. What the hell

    1. newjerseydamo


      yeah it broke for me too, few minutes left in the third.

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  7. What's the difference bewteen NJD and the Chilean Gov't? Chilli can afford to bring people up.;]

  8. When did we get rid of mottau?

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