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  1. i actually think that Pens will have it in 6 this year too, which is what i voted. Although 7 games is best for the league of course. I also think it will be karma for Hossa after trading sides just to win a cup, instead of playing for a team he believes in. so +1 for Hossa feeling like a fool.
  2. For those of us in Australia, and more specifically Melbourne, there is a NHL night for Game 5 of Chicago/Detroit. Details are as bellow: Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009 Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm Location: Charles Dickens Tavern Street: 290 Collins Street City/Town: Melbourne, Australia for future games/nights feel free to add yourself to the following facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=18967312200 There will be Stanley Cup Finals at the pub, and for the live games on Foxtel Cable TV. And also for the 09-10 season The more people the merrier, and we are a good bunch of people
  3. watching this live. thank god for cable tv in australia or there would be no hockey on tv here.
  4. and its about time the Canes got bounced! i still think they were the wrong team to get through both first and second rounds, considering how the devils played against Boston and Pittsburgh, i think we would of had a good shot to this stage of the game. ahwell. Ill be going for Pittsburgh in the SCF. not a fan of the Wings and i like the flair and style of play of the Pens. I also like Scuderi and i hope the Devils pick him up in the off season.
  5. whilst zubrus isnt what everyone expected, and he cops alot of slack, i think with some strong training and a good line matchup, he wouldnt be all that bad. i mean, he has had some solid games, and even though i know they are few and far between, he did score 4 against the lightning mid season, and he has had consistent 40+ point seasons for the last few years. i think with some development he could be consistant 50+ point player. he isnt all -that- bad. maybe better on the 3rd line instead of the second, and get a better centre for 2nd line, which is what we are all saying anyways.
  6. i was impressed with Scuderi watching the ECF. i think if we can pick him up, it would be a good start, and especially if hes cheap.
  7. 1] AC/DC - Love Bomb 2] Lamb of God - We Die Alone 3] Dark Tranquillity - Ex Nihilo 4] Megadeth - 5 Magics 5] AC/DC - Hard As A Rock Noticing a pattern here? 6] Iced Earth - Stand Alone 7] Dark Tranquillity - The Treason Wall 8] Dark Tranquillity - Mind Matters 9] In Flames - The New World 10] Tool - Intension 11] Slipknot - Get This (Live) 12] Children of Bodom - Hellbounds on My Trail 13] Pearl Jam - Even Flow 14] Mastodon - Crack The Skye 15] Bleeding Through - Shadow Walker 16] Opeth - Harvest 17] Opeth - Demon of the Fall (Live) 18] Megadeth - She-Wolf 19] AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train 20] Iced Earth - Something Wicked (Trilogy) Part 3 It must of known i bought AC/DC tickets yesterday
  8. my humble beginnings with the Devils goes back many years, back to 1991-92, where i was a mere 10-11 year old in the land Down Under, where i had never heard of ice hockey. back then, my musical tastes were bryan adams and bon jovi - a sign of things to come, products from canada and new jersey? fate seemed to answer that one. as it were, i went over to a friends place one day, where he had an amiga computer. i didnt have a computer back then, so it was very exciting. he showed me this game he had, that he thought would be good for playing together/against. it happened to be NHL. now due to being a fan of bon jovi, and knowing he was from jersey, i ran through all the teams available, and as soon as i saw New Jersey Devils, i was hooked. i played against my friend, and even though i cant remember specifics, i know it planted the seed. as i grew up, i never forgot about the Devils, however due to being in Australia, never could really follow them properly. when i got an xbox, i made sure i got NHL to play though, mostly NHL 2k series. eventually, in 2006, i finally had internet worth the time to see if i could follow the Devils more closely. i managed to find games online to watch, and from that day on, my following of the Devils have strengthened even more. the 08-09 season, being around friends into hockey after moving interstate, really has helped the passion inside of me for this team. I havent missed a game, ive watched every one. i am now amassing a nice collection of clothing and merchandise i wear proudly. we also have regular groups of people, sometimes upwards of 30 - 40 at the pub we organise games to watch at every 3 weeks or so. because i was friends with the guy running the hockey nights, and him being a Canucks supporter, we showed the Devils/Canucks game from January. boy was it good being the only Devils supporter in a group of 40 people. to have them leading 3-0 after the first period was just the best feeling. i think i like the fact that we are a small but dedicated group, where everyone thinks we wont go far but keep showing them differently. im a proud Devils supporter, and cant wait for the 09 draft and trading, and for october to come around and get back into the spirit!
  9. i just signed up, im from melbourne too! im inner city, and there is Hockey Night In Melbourne that is regularly run during the regular season, and will most likely be having live games of the Stanley Cup Final at the regular pub we go to also. see here http://njdevs.com/forums/index.php?s=&...st&p=764552
  10. bought my tickets today for AC/DC! February 13th 2010! a ways off, but tickets went on sale this morning, and very happy im going! will be my second time seeing AC/DC
  11. im in the CBD, border of South Melbourne/Albert Park. a mate of mine runs a night of hockey once every few weeks at a bar in the city called Charles Dickens. the website is here: http://hockey.suburbia.org.au/HockeyNightI...ourne/Home.html its also on facebook if you search for 'Hockey Night In Melbourne'. If i see someone wearing Sens ill say hi. im usually wearing something with Devils on it, and being winter, perfect time for hoodie and jerseys
  12. im guessing Pens take it in a clean sweep, and id like to see a Hawks/Pens SCF. however in saying that, if that was the case i can see the Pens doing the Hawks pretty easily. ahwell, will be interesting SCF, and cant wait for 09-10 season to start.
  13. hi everyone, i just thought i would make my first post here, and introduce myself. My name is Damian, and everyone calls me Damo. Im 28 years old, all the way from Melbourne, Australia - yes you read that right! I got onto the Devils back in 92 - 93, when i went over to a friends place one day and played NHL on his Amiga. As silly as it sounds, i chose the Devils as back when i was younger, i was a fan of Bon Jovi, and knowing he was from New Jersey, chose the Devils. The loyal person i am, i have stayed with the Devils ever since, and when the good ol' internet decided to get decent, i managed to start finding and watching games online. It was great! i could now watch and follow the Devils more enthusiastically! Ever since then, i have made sure i have watched games, and for the 08-09 season, i am glad to say i did not miss any game! all 82 regular season games, plus the playoffs. Obviously with being so far away from the USA, getting merchandise is somewhat difficult and expensive, but i have slowly been building my collection of clothing and other gear. I have made friends with a guy on facebook and we talk about the Devils and also send each other packages, so getting gear is a little easier now. I bought some gear off of NHL.com recently when they had their 20% off sale. As much as some people dont think a guy wearing a Parise jersey is any kind of manly, i dont care, i have one on the way and i think he is a fantastic player. I also have a sweatshirt and cap on the way. i already have 3 t shirts also and a blank Red CCM jersey. oh and a digital subscription to The Hockey News! i have a signed Parise photo, and some hockey trading cards of various devils. Im always thinking of what new Devils gear i can get, and there are several jerseys i do want also, so i foresee a formidable collection appearing. I felt the pain of the game 7 loss, as i was watching live over the internet, and felt just the way a lot of you have described on this very forum. i look forward to 09-10, and hope that through drafting and trades, we will have a formidable team for next season. i will be watching draft and trades very closely. I plan on visiting the USA in the next couple of years - the financial crisis around the world is hitting Australia pretty hard, i was hoping to get there next year, but might be another year or two now. i want to see the Devils play at home, and i will get there for that. im always happy to chat, and make new friends - especially Devils fans, as its the strongest sport i follow - weird considering i have no ties to Canada/USA or hockey before i got into it. so feel free to drop me a line. i use MSN and facebook, and always happy to chat! cheers for reading everyone
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