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  1. Good luck forgetting this...

  2. Ben & Jerry's is only $2.88 a pint here.. Stocked up for a few days...

    We get ripped off in Australia at $12.50 a pint.

  3. It's not everyday you skate on your hockey team's ice rink

  4. Some photos from yesterday!

  5. Hello New Jersey! Tonight = watching hockey live, eating proper Jersey pie and drinking!

  6. If anyone needs my phone number while I'm in the USA, you can contact me on +1 (201) 887-0767.

    If you have an iPhone you can still use imessage or facetime to contact me over data for free.

  7. I'm officially on vacation for 3 weeks

  8. Latest walking dead episode... Really not in to it.

  9. I don't understand why elderly people have to spend 20 minutes questioning their prescriptions, that their doctor give them, when it comes time to collect them.

    Just take your meds and go, don't inconvenience other customers.

  10. This time next week I'll be on my way to the airport!

  11. Getting the southern cross tattooed on your arm but missing a star..... Smh

  12. Seriously, if you're not going to give me room to get off the train because you're too impatient and just have to get on as soon as the train stops, I'm going to barge through you like the dumb dickhead that you are.

  13. Can't wait to disappear in new jersey next week...

  14. Conversations I heard on the train... "I won't let him near my hole"...

  15. I can now say it's vacation time this month! 12 days to go!

  16. This long until vacation!

  17. Most recent Facebook app is nothing short of sh!t. There's a massive delay and slowdown with data so photos don't load and comments or feed take forever to load.

    Works fine via Web on same device too, nothing wrong with cellular data or WiFi connection.

    1. DevilMinder


      Mine decided to forget the "dont upload all my phone photos" and uploaded them to facebook. They had the nerve to say "but its a private folder!"...yea right

  18. So yet again we try and not make parents responsible for the upbringing of their own children by educating and feeding them healthy foods, and instead try and "fix" the problem by other means?

    Plus once children become old enough, they can make their own minds up about health, diet, and fitness.

    Let's put the responsibility on the parents like it should be!

  19. 4 weeks till Jersey!

  20. Countdown is on! 30 days to USA!

  21. Drowning my pain with whiskey, thanks to the biggest stack I've had ice skating

  22. Just awesome! #PS4share

  23. Wanted:

    2 seater couch/sofa, dark brown or black in colour, no holes in material, any age.

    Location: inner Melbourne.

    Willing to pay $50.

    Message me if you can assist.

    1. aylbert


      I have one... but I'm not driving a kilometer outside of the city lines of Sydney. Tough.

    2. RSC


      Tell you what, grab me a sixer of fosters, throw some shrimp on the barbie, and i'll get you a couch

  24. On my way home! New adventure awaits, unpacking in my new home!

  25. Bringing in the new year listening to the best band of all time, Metallica \m/

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