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  1. A reflection of 2014!

    So as it's the last day of the year, I thought I would look back and reflect on the year that's been, and some thoughts on the year ahead.

    I can honestly say this year has been a great one. Considering the last few years, I would be amiss in saying it wasn't a good one, and whilst I kept myself very busy I definitely had a great time and hope to expand on this in 2015.

    I crossed a few items off my bucket list:

    - I finally visited Canada which was #1 on my travel desti...

  2. Chargers are their own worst enemy today. What a terrible game so far.

  3. am i the only person that thinks beyonce is a talentless hack that should never of even been the Super Bowl half time show?

    1. DevilMinder


      She wasn't there it was a hologram and even it lip synced.

  4. Thank you Holden drivers who replace your Holden badges with Chevrolet badges. Puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. Always brightens my day :)

  5. Making buffalo wings in preparation for tomorrow's Super Bowl!

  6. For sale: Crumpler Part and Parcel 15" laptop messenger bag. Perfect condition. Pick up Gold Coast. Exact colours and details as per - http://www.amazon.ca/Crumpler-Part-Parcel-Laptop-Travel/dp/B004WES250

  7. New Facebook update today is horrible. Constant crashing. Bug fixes my ass.

  8. What to do for dinner....

  9. 18 year chivas regal or single barrel jack daniels? Go people :).

  10. Government dissolved and election later this year. It's a big ask and considering what I've witnessed from the public, for the love of god I pray Gillard doesn't get re-elected as PM.

    1. DevilMinder


      You need more censorship, the things you Aussies say on the web.

  11. Anybody on the Gold Coast with jumper leads? i need to jump my car :(

  12. Should I be upset that I got up at 5am for work to be told that due to the severe weather we've had, my office is closed today? Nah, another paid day off sounds good to me! Public service is awesome! :D

  13. Wow what the. Spammage from my ps3 :S

  14. I can see a trip to Melbourne (and maybe Sydney) in June for the USA vs Canada ice hockey series in my future.

  15. Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium - fvck yeah!

    Also, 4 weeks to Soundwave, Metallica gives you heavy baby!

  16. NEW JERSEY DEVILS WIN!!!!!! 3 in a ROW!!!

  17. I really do have the weirdest dreams. And I'm awake far too early for a day off. Well, at least it's a day of Devils hockey!

  18. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!

  19. early to bed, early to rise. 20km ride then hockey time!!!

  20. Anyone want to buy a locker room ECC t-shirt and hat for me and ship to Australia? fvckers won't ship them over to me :(

    1. NJDevils1214


      Did you check ebay?

    2. newjerseydamo


      i did.. but must of been too soon. just checked again and can get them. will order them! cheers :D

    3. DevilMinder


      if you cant let us know. Ill pick them up if you cant get them.

  21. Such a dark week in motorsport. RIP Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli. :(

    1. Quinn01


      That was just a horrible crash to watch yesterday.

  22. The Devils better win when i see them in California. Im not travelling from Australia for nothing!

    1. Demonic26


      haha we cant beat the rangers. i wouldn't count on beating the sharks

    2. Derlique


      damn dude...ps. sharks have had mighty struggles as well

  23. 3 Days till im off to the USA and see the Devils!

  24. 4 weeks until i make the trip from Australia, and see Devils @ Sharks, Ducks and Kings :)

  25. Got my Devils @ Sharks tickets :)

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