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  1. Whilst I like my vacations to the USA and seeing sports, I have always entertained the notion of moving to the USA. Obviously this has restrictions and it isn't that easy. However! I have kept my eye on the Australian Embassy website for job vacancies, and one has appeared that I just submitted an application for! I already work for the Australian Government, so I hope it helps my application. What it would mean is at a minimum, a 12 month contract from July 2014 to July 2015, working in the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C. Whilst it isn't New York or New Jersey, it is a stepping stone for me, it provides a possibility of extension, and maybe open other doors for me, and being only 3 1/2 hours to the Prudential Center, I most certainly could not only see the Devils play in DC, but make weekend trips up to weekend games. It isn't all definite as I have only applied for the job, but I should know a lot more in 4 weeks or so. It's all exciting and scary at the same time, but I love the challenge and would be an amazing life experience!
  2. really looking forward to watching this game live, been a long week. stupid timezone difference. massive game, hope the Devils step up for Cory and we inch closer to the playoffs.
  3. My feelings are this: - He has been a part of a very special group that took the Devils to magical places and helped lift the franchise to a winning history. He will never be forgotten nor will his accomplishments, the joy, and the memories. He will always hold a special place in Devils' organisation and fans' hearts. - My issue is this: So close to the end of the season (and subsequently contract), it would be much easier to ride out of the sunset, be humble, and retire at the end of the season or sign somewhere else. However, the organisation put the team first, acquired a new, younger, better goalie, as it does not take a genius to see Brodeur is fast approaching the end of the career, and without a great goalie, the team would be seriously diminished. We have been witness to the team putting Brodeur first on many occasions due to his stature and accomplishments, and I believe that by being put on the bench, Brodeur has taken it personally, and thus requested a trade, and leading up to this point, all the passive aggressive comments to media. Selfish is the word that comes to mind. People seem to hate on Parise especially, because he acted on his freedom of UFA and signed somewhere else. Clarkson signed somewhere else during UFA too. This I don't have issue with nor hate the players. I have issues with people like Kovalchuk who upped and left only a couple of years in to a long contract. Now Brodeur can not put the team first and is requesting a trade. To me, Brodeur is acting like a spoilt little child who is throwing a tantrum because they aren't getting their own way. It screams egotistical to me. It's a shame because of what he has meant to the organisation all these years. That's desertion and to me, I can't appreciate that at all. It's not just how you come in, it's also how you leave, because that's the most recent memory of you that a person will remember. It's quite possible that Brodeur could leave a sour taste in some people's mouths.
  4. GCL does include playoffs. Obviously doesn't help if you're in North America, however in an overseas market, get every single playoff game included, which is great. Been using it for 4 years now (previous to that was relying on illegal methods). No complaints. There's the occasional hiccup or service outage, but generally speaking runs very well. I have 100mbit Cable, and streams in HD quality for NHL, NFL, and MLB, so it's really great. Everyone else has pretty much said everything else.
  5. I usually hate PDB and trash talk him, but he did everything right this game. He played the Marty card, called the time out at the right time, and put Cory in for the 3rd. This all falls on the players. The Rangers got Marty out of position and scored on him - I've seen it happen to Marty too many times since the last lockout, he just isn't the same player. On top of this, the rest of the team played like ass. 6 unanswered goals? Terrible. They were making bad decisions, couldn't pass for sh!t, and way too many odd man rushes given away. Zidlicky may be a great offensive defenseman, but I'm sick of seeing him think he's a forward and crash the net. He needs to protect the point as a defence man should. I'm still happy I was there for the outdoor experience, I wouldn't change that for the world. It's time to move on to the next game, and I hope the front office are formulating plans to right the ship next season.
  6. Woohoo! Can't believe it's here already. Tomorrow is going to be amazing. Let's go Devils! Let's make it 3-0 for when I'm at a home game!
  7. Agree with all of the above. Whitney looked like an AHL player that didn't belong. I was hesitant on his size alone before the game, but that was just bad. I really wish Schneider starts tomorrow but I expect Brodeur to. If Brodeur starts, I still like our chances to win as he seems to take it to another level for special games, but you can't deny Schneider's streak at the moment. Plus our trouble is what team in front turns up. Last night was not good, too many errors and turnovers.
  8. First game of my visit on vacation. Had to go out and buy snow gear in the morning. That was just unreal. Made friends with a guy at Dino BBQ who had glass seats so when they announced everyone to move down he saved me a seat and I was on the glass in section 5. No better way to start the vacation. Pure awesome. Henrique took a puck to the hand. Hopefully he returns Friday. On to the Capitals! Bring on 2 more points!
  9. will be catching the subway from my accommodation in NYC. will hope to get there about 10am or so, hang out and start drinking!
  10. shame it isn't that week, won't be in NYC after the outdoor game. would of loved to skate on it.
  11. I would buy one in an instant. My only issue is, Australia has absolutely no need for it so after I wear it for 4 weeks on vacation, it would sit in my wardrobe and not move after that. But it would be damn nice to have haha.
  12. This whole team has been looking bad in December, and it's continuing.
  13. If i just counted the international flights, 40 hours flying time there and back, compared to 9 hours of hockey (although will be making days of it meeting up with Devils friends and other drinking activities). I'm also spending 8 days in NYC, 2 days in Toronto, and visiting friends in Calgary for 2 weeks, so it is an extended holiday. But if it wasn't for the outdoor game, who knows if I would have spent the last 6 months spending stupid amounts of money.
  14. Coming from Australia specifically for this event, and getting 2 home games at the Rock also. It's once in a lifetime, and as much as I will be going from 30 Celsius (80-90F) to 0C/32F temps, I don't care. I can't wait to hang out with Colin226 and have an awesome day at Yankee Stadium. I went to Yankee Stadium for 3 Yankees games last year, so going back for hockey in winter will be amazing. 4 weeks and counting until I fly out
  15. whilst I'm on vacation from Australia, another Devils fan (yes, there's more than one down under) wants me to pick him up a Jagr jersey. Just wondering what sort of prices they will be either in the Devils Den or the NHL store in NYC so he can give me the right amount of cash. I know generally the NHL jerseys suck for letters/numbers, but some help with this and where best to buy and what price, would be great help, so i can get the cash from him before i fly over.
  16. not disagreeing with that at all, in fact i do agree it changes us from a border team to contender, and I will take that every year. All we need is a chance and we can take it (see 2012). I would just feel a bit more comfortable with a stronger forward presence. seeing our D prospects work out make me happy, and i am hoping we lock up Schneider long term. Then we can patch the forwards and go from there. Even if this season doesn't work out, i am looking forward to our future.
  17. Maybe in G and D, but you only win games by scoring goals, we need help up front too.
  18. Yeah.. thanks for the SportsK link.. i think me just bought a new jersey.... I've used SportsK before, stitched and shipped to Australia. Can't complain really. To buy before my vacation? hmmmmm
  19. I'd swap Harrold for Sal in a heartbeat. But i think with how the Larsson and Gelinas pairing is going, we have a serious D logjam, which is what has been happening for the last year, and even more so with our prospects gaining experience.
  20. slap shot eat your heart out lol
  21. I wanted a retro jersey for a long time, but being in Australia, the best chance was when they did it for St Pats in 2010 and as soon as they went retail I got one shipped. I love the green, and hope one day I get a white green red jersey to add to my collection. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  22. happy to see that regardless of which one is available, i will be getting one cool cup in January The Stevens one would be very sweet indeed.
  23. yeah, same as me, Damian. But I'll take it haha.
  24. regardless of the OP, i will be cheering my Chargers on for a win Monday night! (Tuesday my time, after i get home from work!)
  25. I'll be in NYC from January 20 to 28, so will be going to the Blues and Caps game at the Rock, then the Rangers outdoor game. I should of written my post clearer. In essence, i may or may not buy directly from the Devils, I will see what Stubhub prices reveal. Either way i will be going to those 2 games. Colin226 will help me out, but i did want to do some investigating with what the Devils released. I will most likely be in the upper area hanging out with Colin226 for the Blues game, then for the Caps game spend up and get a club lounge seat. Got to experience it at least once.
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