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  1. i need to get a life.. im spending my evening just constantly voting for marty lol
  2. it pays to pay attention. 12pm EST.. which is 2am my time. I am seriously hoping for some good news when i wake up at 6am. If/When Marty gets on the cover, I am NEVER getting rid of my copy.
  3. signed up for updates, see what happens now.. although thanks to Superbowl week, flights in/out of NYC are stupidly rich.. may have to be creative in travel around the USA.. see what happens.
  4. i still think we should of forfeited the pick.
  5. You know the problem is serious when Lou says we have a situation.. And DevsMan84.. probably best to use the ignore feature. might save you some sanity!
  6. book it. this organisation has been insane this season. i seriously expect Larsson to be benched at least one game.
  7. It all started when I went on holiday to NYC and hoped the lockout would end so I could go to the home and away opener.. i suppose it's only natural we get eliminated out of the playoffs lol
  8. I always said Lou should of forfeited the 29th pick in a shallow draft (as many others have as well). Not happy the way this is looking. This team better get a makeover with the draft and FA coming up.
  9. screw it. until we are officially ousted as definitely no more playoffs, I'll bleed red and black. If we get in, then at least we might make it difficult for some other team in the meantime. LGD!
  10. I love the idea of outdoor games, it hits the nostalgia button for me. is it a novelty? yep. is it a damn cool novelty? yep! going to at least one outdoor game that means something to me in the middle of winter would just be amazing. can STH keep me in mind when pricing and release dates come out so i can potentially paypal someone for a ticket?
  11. Im a huge fan! was there in October hoping the lockout would have ended but alas no wonder if someone would loan me a coach for a couple of nights so i can avoid paying accommodation haha. then its a matter of obtaining a ticket lol.
  12. i think i will buy a ticket to this game and venture over from Australia. would be quite memorable!
  13. I'm going to get hell-flamed for this, and I can see people bringing out a lot of negative comments toward me but I'm going to beat them to it first. Yes, I am in another country, yes I haven't religiously followed this team for the last 20 years, yes I do understand the importance of the role Marty has played in the Devils organisation ever since his first game/win against Boston all those years ago. Now, in part because of how I grew up on hockey from across the pond as they say, I believe I may have different perceptions and views on things, especially watching the Devils game in and out over the last 5-6 seasons. Marty has been in the decline for the past few years. Now in saying that, he can still stand on his head, pull out some amazing saves, and still even win games for us -at times-. However, I believe that most glaringly, since the 2009 season, and especially that god-awful Carolina playoff series (yes, yes, old wounds, etc), there is just a continuation and growing amount of goals, and more so -plays-, that Marty has just left me scratching my head. More often than not, it's not the puck-stopping that has been an issue, but the decision making that we all jumped on Moose for this season, that Marty has also slowly made bad decisions. It's not just this current/past season, it has been growing for the last few years. Of course, we would never throw him out to dry, nor should we. However it is something I have noticed. So in essence, i agree with CR1976, i just have my own thoughts on Marty as well.
  14. we. look. TERRIBLE. over this season. bring on UFA and draft. we can't score if we don't shoot. aaaand we give them a penalty shot. i'll repeat what i've said before, this team needs an overhaul.
  15. this sounds like a damn similar thread from the past.... with some even similar de ja vu comments...
  16. newjerseydamo

    We Suck

    something i still dont understand, and was expecting. why not give up a 29th 1st round pick? stupid.
  17. i love kevin smith, and i love the show. it was great seeing them hanging out with the Devils players.
  18. newjerseydamo

    We Suck

    i realise this wasn't pointed at me, but in response to something i said a few pages back as well. what i said wasn't purely directed at you, but just in general. this team doesn't owe me anything. i became a serious fan after all of the stanley cup success. i cheer them on and have spent countless thousands from across the pacific. i love them, hockey is the greatest sport in the world (followed by NFL and MLB). im just a passionate person who can also see without the rose colored glasses. it's just frustrating after last year's run (which i am sure a lot of people feel exactly the way i do). regardless of how we end up in 3 weeks time, i will still be here throughout the off-season and the start of the new season. heck, i still want to make another trip over the pond during the 13-14 season since i was in NYC/NJ in October 2012 and the lockout was still on (unfortunately i planned and paid for my trip before it was definite the season was cut). I am also glad i got to see marty in at least one winning game in 2010. i bleed red, black and white. i never won't.
  19. will be watching first game live in about 3-4 weeks due to moving house and getting internet. so im hoping it will end the current bad run and get us going for the playoffs (i can hope!)
  20. newjerseydamo

    We Suck

    I love how people pull put the "jump ship" comment whenever someone says the team is sucking. Are people that blind and ignorant? This is a horrible season, and people are making good points. We love our team and would never jump ship, but call a spade a spade for gods sake. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  21. I'm really hoping the Devils do some major trades and shake up the team. Why on earth do they seem complacent after coming so close to all the glory last season? you would think in this shortened season it would drive them to win it all. I realize that as long as they make the playoffs it's a whole new game, but still. Lou needs to shake up the team a bit and bring in some new major faces to revitalize the team and hopefully go all the way.
  22. late to the party, and due to my current work and living situations i've only been able to follow the Devils via twitter/gamecenter without watching games (not that i wanted to watch games since they've been losing). well i'm glad i watched the game. the final score, getting to shootout, and down 2-0 in the 3rd don't show the effort the Devils gave in the game. they deserved the win, and the majority of the team played like a playoff caliber team. only downsides i could see were Salvador (again), some really bad decisions. the rest of the team for the most of the 60 minutes had good decisions, good plays. only thing i could remark on, would be the rookies need to be more offensive and perhaps shoot more. they're hesitating and passing more than they should be shooting. overall, glad the winning streak can begin, although i always hate when we face the Canes. here's hoping to a strong week of hockey, since it's my birthday!
  23. im starting to lose faith we will make the playoffs, even if lou does dump a lot of the top 6 forwards, and top 4 D. team needs a complete overhaul, and the old goalies are really showing their age. I love moose, but he has completely dropped off, time for young goalies.
  24. for a single magnet in an envelope, it shouldnt be too much id imagine. quite happy to paypal some money across.
  25. he just never got his break in the hockey world. shame.
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