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  1. can you go to these games? and are the tickets cheap?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufgj8Su71L0&feature=related other brawl at the garden same series i believe? not sure before my time!
  3. Thanks for the help guys, appreciate this I'll look into this stuff
  4. Well it's no secret that the team we all watch has a tendency to disappoint a building of about 20,000 people. (They're good on the road) Anyway I really would like to go to more road games than I did last year (1) and I am completely hopeless when it comes to using public transportation. I usually go to the rock from Matawan train station and do the same when I went to the garden. My question is this: Can you take a train from Matawan, or maybe another station around central jersey, to stations within walking distance of the Islanders, Flyers, capitals, or maybe boston if thats not too far? I tried looking this information up and I guess the only thing you can do is change from njtransit to another kind of train or something. I don't feel like driving to any of these places unless thats really the better way. If anyone can point me in the right direction in getting to these arenas please do so.
  5. I think lou's intentions are just to give John head coaching experience and bridge the gap with someone who has been here in the meantime. In 2-3 years Lemaire will be in a retirement home and maclean will be bringing cups home 3 times every 9 years just like it use to be.
  6. i guess brylin would be out of the question? we could use him
  7. devils will resign zajac hopefully
  8. Agreed. And maybe if gionta leaves Rolston can have his old number back. But I would rather have gionta as well. I think we also need to sign madden again dont forget about him.
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