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  1. Please, bore us. It sounds like it was a good response haha
  2. Cool vid. Liked the play vs rangers then a blackout to the pic. Also, I felt a little like I was watching Lost. Flashbacks to the regular season, and then back to the playoffs. Thanks for making and sharing.
  3. Lol well I guess since no one answered this question you urinated on the jersey? Seems like the right thing to do.
  4. I agree with the OP, which proves that there's something wrong with him.
  5. Oops well I don't remember where I heard that, I think here actually... Anyway, she wasn't living in New Jersey for these 7 years?
  6. Wasn't his wife a teacher in New Jersey? Now she's out of a job and won't be living in the climate of New Jersey. I know this doesn't seem like much but Minnesota's winter basically starts in October And they are positioned in such a way that jet streams reak havoc on them. Temperatures can fluctuate rapidly, and are BELOW ZERO for like 2/3 of winter. In an article that ranked the best 100 place to live in America, 7 of those cities were right here in New Jersey, while only one was in Minnesota. New jersey gets a bad rap because we also have Elizabeth, Camden, Trenton, Newark, Irvington...etc. but we also have some of the best places to live. If he really wanted the best for his family he plans on starting, he would have built a house in Morris County, sent his kids to private school, and continued living in the state that is within driving distance of the biggest cities in the world. However, if he wanted the best for HIM, then he should have gone to Minnesota and made more money while living in a frozen wasteland while his unemployed wife sits at home and dies from boredom. Don't mistake his priorities, this was a selfish move.
  7. I still say everyone throws a bunch of "C"s on the ice during commercial break or something to that effect.
  8. I don't want this racist a$$hole on our team. Why did we sign this idiot?
  9. We need to focus on this for now. How about 7 people take one letter each and spell out the word "TRAITOR" behind Minnesota's net? Or perhaps we could all just start a chant? "Thanks for nothing" "overrated" "daddy's boy" "pretty boy bitch" "sell-out" and maybe later in the game, at a time when it wouldn't interrupt play at all, we all throw our Parise apparel on the ice. Maybe after the first commercial break in the second period? Or if that's too extreme maybe everyone could just throw a bunch of "C"s on the ice, which is of course to illustrate what a joke of a captain he was.
  10. If you like media attention, don't play hockey.
  11. The point is to show how important it was for us to make a deep run this post season. It shows how awful our lives would have been had we lost round 1. Also, rather than being upset with losing in the finals, we can celebrate how great our run was after looking and realizing what would have happened if we lost in round 1. The rangers could have won the cup, and our team could have fallen apart. Losing in round 1 that many times in a row would have been catastrophic, and our team could have very well been moved as an indirect result. Although we lost parise, making a run like that should entice players to stay here, and hopefully attract outsiders as well. the point was to demonstrate that, with some comic relief along the way. Mission failed, evidently.
  12. He avoided signing a ridiculous contract. Parise is an overrated a$$hole and not worth all that money. Lou handled it well, he did what he could to sign him, but I'm sure we wouldn't be able to match that contract. It's 35 million in the next 3 years. Is Parise worth that? and then 9 million a season after that? Am I missing something? He's not THAT good.
  13. We all got dumped by a pretty boy bitch
  14. Hypothetical dramatization I wrote about what would have happened to the devils had we lost game 6 vs Florida. Link to Article
  15. Watch the finals again. He was our captain and didn't do sh!t.
  17. If he leaves we are going to lose every game for the next 3 years and end up moving to Quebec.
  18. Twitter says decision "should be announced this afternoon according to agent."
  19. Rise and shine! If we don't find out today, I probably won't want to know.
  21. I doubt we'll ever see him again. It was like we were all waiting for something to happen that I don't think ever will.
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