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  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet or mentioned in any other forms but it looks as though the Devils will not be having a Draft Party again this year! This years draft is on Friday June 24 & Saturday June 25. The Rock has 2 different concerts scheduled for both days. Another year wasted!
  2. Here is the true link from Bloomberg.... http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-02-01/devils-owner-vanderbeek-said-to-be-seeking-buyer-for-nhl-team.html
  3. Well if this happens & the Devils keep playing the way they are, then my Devils Kovalchuk jersey will be perfect for this night as my "Ugly Sweater".
  4. cgosha21


    Alright guys today you can start voting for the NHL All Star game (see link below). Let's make a push to put our Devils into the game!!! My link
  5. Ok I won, my wife entered & won! My dad entered & didn't win yet. The funny thing is when I filled the form out I didn't lie and said I was a season ticket holder and they still sent me a winning email. Something tells me they are trying to fill the arena
  6. cgosha21

    Nassau Coliseum

    can't wait hey at least they were free
  7. cgosha21

    Nassau Coliseum

    I just got 2 tickets for the preseason game on Saturday I am sitting in section 114 lower vip section row aa Now my question is what is the vip section, do I get anything? Just wondering if anyone has ever sat there?
  8. I am selling tickets to both the home opener against Dallas on Friday Oct. 8 & against Pittsburgh on Monday Oct. 11 2 tickets for each game. They are in section 14, row 18, seats 6 & 7 (behind Marty twice). I am selling them for face value $85 a piece / total $170. If one person buys both sets I will sell for $300 total. I can either email you tickets & you pay via paypal so it is secure or I can meet up with you to pick up in person. I live in the Aberdeen area. You can contact me by email Email meif you have any questions.
  9. cgosha21

    Trade Game

    Let's play a trade game. Who do you think is getting traded & for who? To help everyone out below is a link to capgeek.com, they have an option called trade machine under the calculators header. Let's see what everyone comes up with My link My trade(s): Rolston (5.062) to NYI for Radek Martinek (1.5) Salvador (2.9) to Dallas for 3rd round draft pick By doing these trades it leaves us with 3.4 Million to pick up or bring up players to fill out roster spots. By picking Martinek it fills the Salvador spot with half of the money. Plus we have a good amount of young forwards in the system to fill Roston spot
  10. Ordered my Kovy jersey yesterday Also is there a way we can make some kind of Kovy emoticons???
  11. Plus 50,000 I am speaking on behalf of 99.9% of Devil fans on this one
  12. Waiting patiently with a bottle of champagne (cherry kool aid flavor)
  13. There still isn't anything on NHl.com, NHLPA.com or Devils website. I will feel a lot better when I see it on one of those websites, sorry to be Debbie Downer haha
  14. Let's see what today brought, no hurricane, awesome weather for the weekend, & Kovy signing for the rest of his NHL career with the Devils Life Is Good!!!
  15. Actually called Tab Ramos Sports Center now, it is much better then what Goodsports used to be
  16. I run an indoor sports complex in Aberdeen (roller hocey & soccer)
  17. hahaha give nothing back. My boss keeps coming asking me if the league has said anything yet
  18. Is anyone else keep staring at the clock & keeps refreshing either Twitter, NHL.com or Devils page??
  19. Nope thinks the NHL higher up's are bing complete @#$%^&*! Sorry wanted to keep it clean
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