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  1. I have to agree at first I almost crapped my pants. I bet this is Burke who hates these contracts
  2. Like somebody said before, after day #5 if the NHL doesn't say anything it will be registered automatically. The league may let that happen & then come back a week later and say we didn’t have enough time to study the contract but will register it and it will be “under investigation” (wink wink). That way Kovy stays and the NHL won’t have a PR nightmare about losing a premier player to the KHL. Worse case is “IF” & I say that “IF” the league does come back & say this contract or any others are no good they will most likely fine the team draft picks or money.
  3. Pretty cool, I was at Brannigans in Red Bank yesterday when he brought it there, awesome guy he let me hold it for a bit for pictures. I think the keeper of the cup wasn't happy about that but oh well haha
  4. I feel like I am standing in the middle of a Wild West City at dawn, with dust rag ball blowing by right about now, I can’t believe there is no news, reports, twitters, fake Єklund (2.3% accurate) reports about Kovy today. Amazing!
  5. I how Daly says 5 days but on July 1st there approved in minutes. What a joke! I love how the board of gov. hired this fool back in 93 from the NBA. Back then her was 3rd in rank not even 2nd! & he gets hired as the commish so glad we have him
  6. Pretty much scared the crap out of everyone at my joby when I screamed!!!! Now I am doing the happy dance!!!
  7. I know they are saying maybe a 1 year deal, but he may actually sign a 3 year deal with the idea of the NHL having another lockout/strike.
  8. Love how Twitter is "Over Capacity right now! How dare they on a day like this
  9. dchesnokov Kovalchuk's Russian agent confirmed that the resolution is near - within the 24-48hr window we reported yesterday. Really don't think this is going to work out well for us
  10. Let's hope this is being used as a way for the NHL to bend a little bit. Also let's hope the NHL doesn't say "Go Ahead" & away Kovy goes to Russia
  11. As per Twitter: TGfireandice RT @dchesnokov According to @plysenkov who called Kovy's Rus agent,agent confirmed discussions with the KHL but refused to comment further. Not Good!
  12. Well the LA Kings agreed to a contract with Willie Mitchell, so it is safe to say that they have no intentions in getting back involved with Koy. They probally don't want to deal with the headache of Gary "RAT"men! So I guess Kovy is going to have to take a little less money & stay, or KHL there he goes!
  13. NBC Schedule is out for the year. We got 3 games this year My link
  14. Time to take out a little stress on Bettdick!!!! Knock Him Out!
  15. Ok I am done waiting & eating...............
  16. I think due to McAmmond's age he has to make at least 850k under CBA, but then again why follow the CBA the NHL doesn't
  17. As per his Twitter: dchesnokov Contract, framework, blank contract = technicalities. If the NHL OKs what was submitted to them, Kovalchuk will sign on the dotted line.
  18. We should start a pool or a contest here. Guess how many years, cap hit, & yearly salary for each year just for fun!
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