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  1. Well let's hope it is true, then my other post about about me thinking not till after Labor Day is shot
  2. I do agree with you on the Arnott deal, but that deal was done based on the original contract for Kovy, now with a larger cap hit & we will have a similar deal with Parise, I just think other teams would rather have Elias then Rolston. Especially we having 2 good centers now (Arnott & Zajac) along with 2 solid LW (Kovy & Parise) it might make sense for Lou to dump salary via Elias. Trust me I don’t want him to go, but between Kovy this year & Parise next we could be looking at 13 to 14 million cap hit just in those 2 players. Now take Parise’s current hit of 5 million we still need to free up 9 million, it is going to be tough.
  3. As per his Twittet post a minutes ago: dchesnokov I heard similar RT @plysenkov: As I know, at Monday-Tuesday (Monday most likely) Ilya Kovalchuk will sign the new contract with NJ.
  4. I posted something similar somewhere around page 400 or 390’s haha. Anyway I really think Kovy is going to sign with the Devils sometime after Labor Day weekend, even closer to the 17th when veterans report. I believe this is the reason is due to the NHL’s “so called” contract investigation on other contracts. We all know the Devils want to lock him up for at least 10 years. Also with training camps it will give the Devils a better chance to move players due to teams needing a player due to an injury or still need to get to the cap floor. Here is what I think Kovy will sign for 13 years, 91 million / 7 million cap hit / NMC first 10 years / NTC last 3 years. Year 1: 6 Year 2: 6 Year 3: 9.5 Year 4: 9.5 Year 5: 9.5 Year 6: 9 Year 7: 9 Year 8: 9 Year 9: 9 Year 10: 6 Year 11: 1 Year 12: 1 Year 13: 1 Teams that aren’t at the cap floor or a little over that the Devils could trade with, 2010-2011 NHL Salary Cap Floor 43.4 million, list based on capgeek.com 1) Avalanche 38.4 2) Thrashers 41.3 3) Islanders 43.6 4) Predators 44.5 5) Coyotes 45.4 6) Stars 47.1 Devils pretty much have a history with all the teams but Coyotes but see reason below. Players that Devils could move to get under this year: 1) Brian Rolston 5 million: will be hard to move due to have a nmc & his age, but a team like the Islanders or Avalanche would be interested due to the young core they have & having a veteran could help those groups. Rolston may wave his NMC for either one, Avalanche could be a playoff team & could make a run in the playoffs, just get in! Islanders keep in the area where he doesn’t have to up & move his family. 2) Bryce Salvador 2.9 million: I could see the Thrashers or Coyotes make a play for him both teams are looking to make a playoff push, especially the Coyotes with the success they had last year. He is a stay at home dman that could really help both teams 5 on 5 & pk. 3) Patrik Elias 6 million: I know I know “no way”, but think of this we still have to get Parise signed next year! Patrik is a point per game player & any team above would take him I think to help them at situation. Yes is the Devils all time scorer but honestly would you rather keep him or almost guarantee yourself Kovy & Parise locked up for years to come, you decided. Also we do have the 2 young Swedish kids that are coming up. 4) Dainus Zubras 3.4 million: Probably the most logical player that could be going but honestly I really think he stays, due to him being one our best forwards for the past 2 years in short lived (lol) playoff life. But truth is truth he is the easiest forward to move with no clauses and once again I think any of the above teams would take him. Going forward a year from now: if we are going to get Kovy locked up long with Parise, we know Zach is going to want almost the same as Kovy, plus Zajic if he puts up good numbers is going to want a raise around 4.5 million (my guess) is 3 years then we need to 3 out of the 4 above & we do get 2.8 from Jamie next year & would only take him back for around 1.5 or less. We just have to hope the Swedish kids are going to be good.
  5. I wonder how many topics that are on this thread actually have nothing to do with Kovy, I am going to say 125
  6. Kovy: Hey Ovie maybe I will talk to my agent & see if we can work something out about me playing in DC. Ovie: Yes Kovy it is great I can do whatever I want, and I will make sure you can also! Kovy: But can I get 11.5 Million?
  7. alright where do I find all these cool emoticons
  8. Since I am sitting back just waiting for the signing we should add emoticons where he is eating something else besides popcorn, same tast is getting boring.
  9. Hey NHL let's work on this, LEAVE THE GAME ALONE! The only rule they really need to work on is hits from behind & to the head & the simple answer to that is MAKE THE CALL!!!! When making the call make checking from behind an automatic 5 minute major with a minimum 1 game suspension, I bet with that you will see guys hitting the breaks a little faster!
  10. I think he meant to say was .... "can you touch me"
  11. Looks like we will all be waiting a little bit longer.....so grab a snack & hang out
  12. I honestly think Kovalchuk doesn’t sign until training camp starts, or maybe a day or two before it starts. Remember he is currently in Russia training, which only means two things; 1) Both he and Lou know there going to work out a contract so neither side is too worried. Lou also knows he can still make moves during camp to other teams, especially if a team has a few injuries during camp. Those trades make work more in our favor since teams need bodies. 2) He may already have a contract in place & Lou once again is going through the little things to make sure it goes through this time, hell Lou might have hired the arbitrator also to look over this contract to make sure it is good. I think either way Kovalchuk will be in the red, white & black come October.
  13. Now I know it is a rumor website, but this guy does write for the Hockey News, and he only post things from creditable sources My link
  14. Ok it is now the 17th, let's go Lou & Kovy!!!!
  15. So we are 7 hours away from the 17th, let's hope this is finished tomorrow. I really don't want to wait until Sept 17
  16. We know there is nothing new or upcoming when you see Rich Chere putting up a post about the former California Seals
  17. I wish this saga would end so I can start my summer!
  18. Now back to the Kovy topic it has been 3 days since his contracted got booted & we all kept on hearing a Lou back up plan. I am guessing there was no backup plan since no new contract has been released or signed. I for one hopes this gets resolved sometime today or tomorrow, cause I feel the longer this takes the Kovy may look at other teams or even Russia (which is still way down on his list). Come on Lou slip some more
  19. Well let's hope Lou did have a plan "B" & we hear about it within the next 24 hours. The longer Kovy stays in the market the more of a chance he does get offers or even signed by someone else, like LA! No matter what Kovy said about this is the team he wants to be with, it is all about the $$$$!
  20. After doing some major digging I recently found out that when Kovy went out to LA to meet with the Kings the following people met him at LAX. This would explain why Bettman stopped the Devils contract, bastards! BASTARDS!
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