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  1. I was also there & got some good sticks. Towards the end of the sale they dropped a few more sticks, I ended up picking up a bundle of 4 Elias S19 sticks. If anyone is interested in trading sticks or buying one let me know. Here is my email cgosha21@gmail.com If anyone has a Kovy stick I would be interested. Let me know Chris
  2. Within the last 2 moves I seemed to have losted my copy of the 1995 Stanley Cup Heaven video. I was wondering if anyone had a copy they would be willing to sell or even send me a copy on VHS or happened to burn a copy to a dvd. Let me know either on here or via email cgosha21@gmail.com thanks in aadvance Chris
  3. Does anyone know a website or have pictures &/or history on the Prudential Center. I would like to see a picture history of what was there before, during construction and so on. Any help with be great
  4. I do not post that much but I will say this.............. ARE YOU ON CRACK FOR EVEN SAYING THIS!
  5. better question, what was the name of the resturant you went to
  6. Enough of all the player match up's, season series this and any other thoughts or stats. From this point on it is 3 simple words for the playoffs......... LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Question for all who knows, what time do the players usually arive before a game & do they sign autopraghs? Going tomorrow and would like to try and get some
  8. Question regarding the playoff food card, I am season ticket holde & I received my playoff tickets in the mail yesterday with no food card. Now I juste received an email to purchase the pay as we play promo & they are offering food cards to those people. Do season ticket holders get this or only the pay as you go people. If so this seems pretty unfair.
  9. cgosha21


    Question for you all, I am season ticket holder & I am taking my brother & sister to the game on Tuesday night against the Blue Jackets. They asked me to stay after the game & try to get autographs of the players. Now someone told me awhile back that if you go between the arena & parking garage that they come out & sign before heading home for the night. Is this true or is there another spot? I don't mind staying a little later but I don't want to stand outside for nothing. Any help would be great, thanks.
  10. Ok there seems to be a lot of angry sth, sth who sold there seats & regular fans who bought tickets about how this should work. It is pretty simple, I am also a sth and I did go to the game, I was also smart enough to keep the tickets from the game as should have everyone else. The best way for this to work is on every ticket they issue there is a barcode with numbers, make it where only those tickets that were scanned be used to gain tickets for another game. The computer system that they use to scan keep track of all tickets & barcodes that were used for that game. That way any sth who sold there tickets via ticket exchange can not use there orginal ticket that came in the mail and it would be very fair to the person who bought them. Seems to be the smart way.
  11. I have been a reader of this site for sometime now. I have never posted a topic but I sure love reading everyone
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