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  1. I thought the next game was tonight. My days are all jacked up
  2. I was absolutely pro-Torts, but now knowing how Nico lost the love for the game, having Torts would have absolutely been a RO'R situation in Buffalo where the player straight up hated the game and wanted to quit.
  3. @SterioDesign I agree with you. It’s like there’s malice from even the way she presented the question. Like “I hope you know, you’re failing by not having this, so why don’t you.” It’s no secret how seriously I take mental health, but we have a literal team of people from different backgrounds to implement improved processes within my organization. It didn’t require a backhanded insult in the form of a question. another aspect of this situation that makes me firmly believe she is the problem and not anyone else were her own comments to the reporter (and I guess an extent that relationship with said reporter). If any of us go give a presentation, and we come out saying wow that didn’t feel great, odds are we’ll ask a colleague “i hope I didn’t sound like an idiot.” Odds are we’re not asking someone else to write an article to make us “not sound like an idiot.” Joking or not there’s already some level of self awareness that her message is getting lost to the organization and she is well aware she isn’t sounding smart. She’s also a member of a professional organization with a close relationship with at least one reporter, which next it isn’t hard to fathom she’s probably giving information out she shouldn’t be, or at least the perception is there, yet she has zero awareness of that and blames a woman-hating female AGM.
  4. Christ that second half was nerve racking.
  5. This is what I have the feeling is the case: she's very hockey smart, but has ABSOLUTELY ZERO interpersonal skills and HAS to be the smartest person in a discussion or on a topic and will not accept being told she was wrong. Before she purged her Twitter she absolutely had negative interactions with everyone: from fans to reporters to players themselves, she would stick to her stance and have no budging. Reading the complaint she made public, I get the feeling there were a lot of interactions between her and the AGM where the AGM made a decision, but she would insist on being right and disregard that decision or straight up be insubordinate. Regardless of how smart or right you are, you cannot undermine your boss. My stance is also heavily enforced through the aforementioned purging of her twitter. To me, it was a clear sign she was trying to hide her interactions so it couldn't be used against her.
  6. sooooo Bratt gets a little more and call it good?
  7. So turns out, it’s both: most wins ever in November by anyone, most wins by us in a single month (Tied with March of 01)
  8. He didn't miss a gaping empty net, nor did he have any egregious turnovers... thats a plus, right? I did notice him occasionally simply cause I saw the #10 on the ice
  9. tied a team record for wins in a month with 13 . Record was set in March of 01
  10. Oh the greatest defender in NHL history that will ever live with the game-sealing turnover. What a pity
  11. That’s the first time I’ve seen that BetMGM commercial, holy hell that is bad acting
  12. As someone who can't watch... that doesnt sound like a good think... unless you mean sh!tstork,....
  13. oh true, breaking is worse than a bruise, dunno why I didn't go that evil....
  14. I hope be bruised his tailbone, so sh!tting is just as painful as anyone having to interact with that insufferable piece of sh!t.
  15. I love it that we have a team that doesn’t go into a self-pity “woe is me” shell
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