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  1. Hearing the story from the guy who organized the party for them to go to on Spittin Chiclets was very entertaining. I'm watching the game tomorrow with fans of the following teams: Caps, Blues (x2), Stars, Jets, Wings, Bruins and the future Seattle franchise. Its nice to have hockey fans out here!
  2. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    People remember me! I swear I read a tweet that Hynes said the language barrier between him and Yak was a problem, and I stick by that today haha
  3. Pasta puts the Bs up in the 2nd!
  4. ::raises hand:: i’ll admit I thought he was going to be something great for us...
  5. And the refs could literally do the thing they’re paid to do and watch the play. Yes, the Blues should have gotten a 5th but for the Sharks to just happen to be blessed with another miracle is absolutely pathetic at this point 18, but close
  6. NHL really wants Thornton to hoist a cup before he retires I guess. Oh hey there, Ray Borque.
  7. Holy sh!t, clearly a hand pass, Blues got screwed, Sharks yet again are getting gifts from the NHL. fvck that team
  8. Cost controlled JT Miller for a year of Callahan to be a healthy scratch if he blows? Done
  9. This came out 11 days ago and after looking through this thread only, I didnt see anything from that day other than a back and forth about a certain player which I wont name to avoid 2.0 Hypothetically speaking. say Marner wants $10.5m... I'd honestly have to give it a good thought for the cost. Hall/Nico/Bratt & Marner/Hughes/Palms... as a potential top 6.... Hell Devil Killer Point wouldnt be a bad guy to go after either Of course, we need to lock up Hallsy but with the asinine cap space we'll have currently and will be off the books in the coming years....
  10. Blues bounce back and as @MadDog2020 said, earn the split in the Tank! Lets Go Blues!
  11. What a series of saves by Binnington! Mask to the shoulder and then cleared! 40 ticks left
  12. Blues up by 2 with just over 3 min left in the 3rd. Huge goal by Sundqvist on a backhand chip
  13. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Can you steal a time machine and go tell that to Dave Gettleman before that douche wastes a first on a 2nd rounder?
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