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  1. Go CBJ for the pure chaos, screw everyone else in the east That tip cost me my bucciovertimechallenge... granted a cap would have needed to deflect it in instead lol
  2. Caps had zero energy in OT, one real chance to go for it and couldn’t get sh!t to go through on net.
  3. What a terrible angle by Holtby
  4. Last bit of beating the dead Fane 7 horse. This is not malicious than Eakin, IMO, and no call: But it’s now 3-2 Caps
  5. Caps up 2-0 early, hopefully they will hold it... fvck the Canes and their dumb celebrations and bandwagon fans
  6. When did they start this sh!t? Cause I feel like they’re trying to rip off St Louis using Gloria
  7. I think that's one of my bigger holdups, no call on the initial play, and either here or somewhere else someone was talking about how the linesman can make an intent to injure call. But there was a ref, literally right there with his eyes on the play and didnt deem it a call until Pavs didnt get up. That series deserved an epic Game 7 after the Sharks battled back, and now we sit here debating about the refs making a direct impact on it.
  8. I feel as though right wing has been a major issue on this team for years, like back to the Lou days. Its probably just the exhaustion talking.....
  9. Hell, give them a pair of minors then: Eakin 2 for the cross check (arms extended, no puck) and Statsny 2 for interference.
  10. I mean, it wasn't the finals but when we gave up 3 on Bernier's penalty, I was still furious. And that call was more obvious major worthy.
  11. Yeah, reactionary is what I’m seeing. Ugh, I mean I like Vegas but I loathe the Sharks. Can’t stand Kane, Thornton nor Pete “Harrold is my Homie” DeBoer, I hope the Avs sweep...
  12. I landed and it was 2-0 Vegas, finished debrief 4-3 sharks, got to my couch halfway through OT Was the penalty warranted? From what I’m reading it was another refs didn’t see it but called it later
  13. I have never wished harder for a maintenance or a weather cancel as hard as I am for my flight tonight.... Send thoughts and prayers it happens....haha
  14. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Bratt did confirm it to Amanda last week Hughes only 2 points and no goals yet? Bust
  15. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    At least it’s not Harvard so odds are you’ll actually get him to sign. I also think, emphasis on the think here, someone on the TSN broadcast mentioned he hadn’t signed his commitment yet. Then again I had screaming twins so I probably miss heard
  16. I want the Sharks to get stomped on Game 7, if for nothing other than to remove yet another guarantee from the books.
  17. All that regular season talent that can never put it 100% together for the playoffs. Sure they made the Finals once, but still.
  18. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Why not both? Trade our 9 other picks, get another first, pick Caufield... I can dream...
  19. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Next up for the US: Latvia on Tuesday
  20. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes has a goal and a nice backhand assist through traffic into a tight space to Caufield for the one timer goal late in the 2nd. Second just ended on NHL network, for those who have it
  21. Blues send the Jets home Caps head back to Raleigh up 3-2 after a huge win in Game 4.
  22. Pekka is back to being the Pekka we all know: absolutely abysmal in net in the post season Preds down 4-2 to Dallas, late in the 2nd EDIT: make that 5-2 early 3rd EDIT 2: Boyle sets up a good sequence with a solid forecheck. Let’s see if Pekka can not suck
  23. Well that’s what I get for listening to announcers.... sorry guys! also, should be no goal in Boston... EDIT: I’m wrong, again.
  24. For those who didn’t watch, the announcers were saying that in this series, the team that won each game has been trailing at some point. And that it’s the first time in history the road team has won each of the first 5 games. It had been done a bunch to 4 games but not all 5.
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