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  1. My only “oh sh!t” moment that will come from the Tarasenko sweepstakes is if the Isles or Rangers get him. Yes, it 100% is little brother syndrome where I don’t want the Rangers to have nice things. They have one of their young goalies apparently asking for a trade and still need to lock up sh!tstick, but everyone wants to help the Rangers and I cringe at the idea of Doug Armstrong trading Tarasenko to them for Keith Kinkaid and retaining 50% of VTs salary or something freaking dumb. As for the Islanders, kinda goes without saying but screw them. I absolutely don’t want Fitz to pull out all the stops for the unknown commodity (health wise) but a nightmare would be for the NYR scenario to play out and the dude returns to hockey insanely healthy and lights it up. He’s probably laugh his ass off at the comment and agree with you. He’s pretty self deprecating on the Cam & Strick Podcast.
  2. For some reason I felt like I remember Saad being often hurt between his time on Chicago and CBJ but man was I wrong: 6 years of 78 games or more including 3x 82 games. 0.59 point per game player Not knocking Vlady but if we can’t make the pieces work, and Saad wants to come here, man this team could have one of the most successful off-seasons in a while, and it’s only day 2 of free agency.
  3. Dell and what’s left of Craig anderson to suffer away in Buffalo for a season.
  4. I went grocery shopping on my way home from base and OF COURSE HE SIGNED DURING THAT TIME AND BUTCHER TRADED?! And when we acquire Tarasenko, of course
  5. I feel like it’s been a slam dunk according to Dregs for a week to 10 days
  6. Yeaaaaah…. My apologies
  7. Trash defender going back to his trash coach, good riddance
  8. God that summer… I was at Citi Field Frying in right field when that news broke… gross
  9. I was gonna ask if it’s just previous failed signing trauma or legit that I’m getting more and more nervous about this…
  10. He gonna quit three days into camp? I kid…. Kinda
  11. I know he’s saying not necessarily done, but he’s the Bob Father and Hamilton/NJD not being in that list makes me nervous. Especially with no phone from 8 until who knows…. Ugh… EDIT: stand down, a little, he mentions us…
  12. Oh if free agency opened at midnight, I’d be so screwed tomorrow….
  13. Wait they got Jeff Skinner too?!
  14. Yeah and for once not circumvent the cap by doing it
  15. So just cause they absolutely robbed Philly, Buffalo thinks Vegas is this desperate.... Holy crap if VGK does it, they deserve to suck as bad as Seattle will...
  16. Came to interrupt the politics to post that @Chimaira_Devil_#9 wouldnt mind Bernier, would definitely be a step up from Holtby and Wedgewall
  17. The second gives me hope based on nothing but pretty colors and the fact multiple people on my time line have linked it
  18. TFP also saying NJ was on his no trade list, as if no one has ever been asked to waive before… Experts also questioning if Fleury will even report to Chicago since he doesn’t want to leave his family and loves Vegas. And after the Crawford thing, I hope he waits until the day before the season starts just to further punish Chicago for literally everything
  19. Fleury to Chicago for literally nothing. what the hell
  20. Considering the risks this team has taken with 3rd round picks over the last few years, I feel this is more of a certainty than a risk. Therefore, as the obvious representative of the New Jersey Devils, I’m in.
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