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  1. only D I'd take would be Hanifin since he was seen as head and shoulders above the other D until like this week. But if he's gone, Barzal or Crouse or Zacha or whoever, I don't know well enough to know who's the best one so any would be fine with me
  2. I wouldn't be as against Crouse as I was after reading this at puck daddy http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/puck-daddy-power-rankings--world-cup-young-stars-roster--nhl-draft--trading-block-171506917.html He's comparable in one model to Bergeron, Nash and Getzlaf and more of a Lucic (when he's good) than Clarkson
  3. Moving Columbus west kills them since they're in the eastern time zone and getting more popular with people being able to watch at normal times. Detroit got promised to move east so they aren't going back. Only hope for QC is probably the Coyotes or the Vegas team being a quick disaster like Atlanta became in the last few years
  4. I'm a Rutgers alum, but even if JG comes, Flood hasn't shown the ability to recruit a pair of socks. It'd just be because JG's a legacy and OSU somehow pissed him off
  5. Gedig's at Flames prospects training camp. I guess the Devils let him go? http://flames.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=729854
  6. I think I'm gonna be sick
  7. Hayes probably has a job to lose. I assume that's why he went to NYR
  8. probably end up on Sportsnet with his buddy the moronic Damien Cox especially w/ them getting the giant package this year
  9. why is that woah at all? Derek Stepan had 57 points, he's not exactly Sidney Crosby. Zajac had 48 on a team that can't score and ya know defense and corsi and all that fun/better stuff
  10. he'll get more than that to keep him away from FA. I think he's comparable with Toews at worse and you could make an excellent argument he's better. And if he gets there somebody will probably offer him 12 or something up there
  11. Yup pretty much this. Like the Bernier/Backes thing with Vancouver/St Louis a few years ago. The Bruins having to pay an extra $1m AAV for Reilly Smith isn't hurting anyone that much anymore either with the cap going up even more soon Subban I think isn't a terrible idea to offer sheet for some teams since the Habs have been shown to vastly underrate his value. Though maybe the Norris trophy changed their minds. If I was the Oilers I'd do it in 2 seconds since they need NHL defensemen (assuming they have the cap room-haven't looked). Offer him 7/8.5 AAV and see if they match
  12. Anything we'd offer would be matched unless it's ridiculous and at that point they're not worth it. There's a reason nobody does them
  13. someone's been reading too much from the Winnipeg media
  14. I know I think I said that in the post before. Miller's just dumb as rocks on this. Plus if Philly did have the money, they'd be better off throwing it at Subban since they've been seen to greatly underrate his value before w/ the bridge deal
  15. Philly has no money to do that. Unless they're gonna pay him like $9 million, CBJ matches without thinking. And that's a moronic article. Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn isn't getting you Ryan Johansen. Every team likes him but they're not trading him for something like that. He says trade him or we'll sign him to a 6 yr $40 m offer sheet. Columbus says then lol ok and they'd match that in a millisecond. Randy Miller's a moron
  16. also CBJ is matching anything you throw at them for him
  17. Add in Henrique and Larsson and you *might* have something for Johansen
  18. he's 32. He's not ancient
  19. Needed to sign goal scoring and ugly terms are usually what it takes in FA. When Benoit Pouliot's gettng 5x$4m, this isn't terrible
  20. lol you're not getting JVR back, cool your jets. Even the Leafs aren't that stupid. Next it'll be Kessel for Eller
  21. who were we gonna trade that could help Edmonton like Purcell will?
  22. Hopefully they'll have the same patience with post-Lou GMs and not force them to panic or anything like that, but build slowly
  23. mike danton was drafted by the Devils
  24. Idk I think Quick being basically Hasek in 2012 makes that team better since overall he nearly got them eliminated 3 times and with him as Hasek/Roy/Lunqvist/whoever in 2012 they decimated teams and I think that is worth more than Gaborik when Brown/Richards/Stoll were still good
  25. If they get Stastny resigned, I'd probably look to trade ROR since he probably won't sign there after going to arbitration and them dicking him around a couple years ago
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